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245 00 Handbook of depression /|cedited by Ian H. Gotlib, 
       Constance L. Hammen 
250    Third edition 
264  1 New York :|bThe Guilford Press,|c[2014] 
300    xiii, 642 pages ;|c26 cm 
336    text|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|2rdamedia 
338    volume|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references and indexes 
505 00 |tIntroduction /|rIan H. Gotlib and Constance L. Hammen --
       |tEpidemiology of depression /|rRonald C. Kessler ... [and
       5 others] --|tAssessment of depression /|rArthur M. Nezu 
       ...[and 3 others] --|tMethodological issues in the study 
       of depression /|rRick E. Ingram, Greg J. Siegle, and Dana 
       Steidtmann --|tCourse of depression : persistence and 
       recurrence /|rDaniel N. Klein and Anna E.S. Allmann --
       |tCormorbidity of unipolar depressive and anxiety 
       disorders /|rSusan Mineka and Suzanne Vrshek-Schallhorn --
       |tEmotional functioning in depression /|rJonathan 
       Rottenberg and Lauren M. Bylsma --|tDepression and medical
       illness /|rKenneth E. Freedland and Robert M. Carney --
       |tFeatures and course of bipolar disorder /|rEric 
       Youngstrom and Guillermo Perez Algorta --|gThe|tgenetics 
       of mood disorders /|rJennifer Y.F. Lau ... [and 3 others] 
       --|tNeurobiological aspects of depression /|rMichael E. 
       Thase, Chang-Gyu Hahn, and Olivier Berton --|tNeuroimaging
       approaches to the study of major depressive disorder : 
       from regions to circuits /|rDiego A. Pizzagalli and 
       Michael T. Treadway --|tEarly adverse experiences and 
       depression /|rSherryl H. Goodman and Cara M. Lusby --
       |tChildren of parents with depression /|rIan H. Gotlib and
       Natalie L. Colich --|tCognitive aspects of depression /
       |rJutta Joormann and Kimberly Arditte --|tDepression and 
       interpersonal processes /|rConstance L. Hammen and 
       Josephine Shih --|gThe|tsocial environment and depression 
       : the roles of life stress /|rScott M. Monroe, George M. 
       Slavich, and Katholiki Georgiades --|tRisk factors for 
       bipolar disorder /|rSheri L. Johnson, Amy K. Cuellar, and 
       Andrew D. Peckham --|tUnderstanding depression across 
       cultural contexts /|rYulia E. Chentsova-Dutton, Andrew G. 
       Ryder, and Jeanne Tsai --|tGender differences in 
       depression /|rLori M. Hilt and Susan Nolen-Hoeksema --
       |tDepression in children /|rBrandon E. Gibb --|tDepression
       in adolescents /|rKaren D. Rudolph and Megan Flynn --
       |tDepression in couples and families /|rJoanne Davila, 
       Catherine B. Stroud, and Lisa R. Starr --|tDepression in 
       later life : epidemiology, assessment, impact, and 
       treatment /|rDan G. Blazer and Celia F. Hybels --
       |tDepression and suicide /|rMatthew K. Nock ... [and 3 
       others] --|tMajor depression can be prevented : 
       implications for research and practice /|rRicardo F. Muñoz
       ... [and 4 others] --|tPharmacotherapy and other somatic 
       treatments for depression /|rMichael J. Gitlin --
       |tCognitive and behavioral treatment of depression /
       |rSteven D. Hollon and Sona Dimidjian --|tPharmacotherapy 
       and psychosocial treatments for bipolar disorder /|rDavid 
       J. Miklowitz --|tCouple, parenting, and interpersonal 
       therapies for depression in adults : toward common 
       clinical guidelines within a stress-generation framework /
       |rSteven R.H. Beach, Mark A. Whisman, and Guy Bodenmann --
       |tBiological and psychosocial intervention for depression 
       in children and adolescents /|rNadine J. Kaslow, Marissa 
       N. Petersen-Coleman, and Ashley Maehr Alexander --
       |tClosing comments and future directions /|rConstance L. 
       Hammen and Ian H. Gotlib 
650  0 Depression, Mental|vHandbooks, manuals, etc 
700 1  Gotlib, Ian H.,|eeditor of compilation 
700 1  Hammen, Constance L.,|eeditor of compilation 
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