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245 10 Child sponsorship|h[electronic resource] :|bexploring 
       pathways to a brighter future /|cEdited by Brad Watson, 
       Matthew Clarke 
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505 0  1. Introduction to Key Issues in Child Sponsorship-- Brad 
       Watson and Matthew Clarke  2. Origins of Child Sponsorship
       : Save the Children Fund in the 1920s-- Brad Watson 3. A 
       typology of Child Sponsorship Activity-- Brad Watson 4. 
       Issues in Historic Child Sponsorship-- Brad Watson, 
       Harwood Lockton and Manohar Pawar 5. Excellence or Exit: 
       Transforming Save the Children's Child Sponsorship 
       Programming-- Amy Jo Dowd, Celine Gustavson and Earl Moran
       6. Child sponsorship and rights-based interventions at 
       Plan: Tensions and synergies-- Han Dijsselbloem, Justin 
       Fugle and Uwe Gneiting 7. World Vision - Moving 
       sponsorship along the development continuum-- Brett Pierce
       and Christabel Kalaiselvi 8. Holistic Child Development 
       through sponsorship and church partnership-- Alistair T R 
       Sim and Mark Peters 9. Children at the Centre: Children 
       International, child sponsorship and community empowerment
       in underserved areas-- Jim Cook and Damon Guinn 10. 
       Baptist World Aid: Transition to a Child Centred Community
       Development Approach-- Anthony Sell and Felicity Wever 11.
       Through the Eyes of the Sponsored-- Anthony Ware and Brad 
       Watson 12. World Vision, Organizational Identity, and the 
       Evolution of Child Sponsorship-- David King 13. Give and 
       take? Child sponsors and the ethics of giving-- Frances 
       Rabbitts 14. Child Sponsorship as Development Education in
       the Northern Classroom-- Rachel Tallon 15. Child 
       Sponsorship: A Path to its Future-- Matthew Clarke and 
       Brad Watson 
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520    This book reviews the remarkable growth, diversity and 
       challenges of child sponsorship. It features the latest 
       progress in child sponsorship practice and necessary 
       tensions experienced by some organisations as they seek to
       maximise impact.|bIn 2012 Child Sponsorship generated over
       three billion dollars for poverty reduction initiatives 
       and individual child welfare work in developing countries 
       and disadvantaged communities, linking geographically 
       distant benefactors to as many as eight million children 
       globally. Since its inception in Europe in 1920, child 
       sponsorship fundraising mechanisms have impacted tens of 
       millions of children and their sponsors, attracting 
       widespread support amongst the general public and 
       sometimes strident critique within the aid industry. 
       Despite its importance, debate over Child Sponsorship 
       funded activity is often superficial and misinformed. 
       Mindful of the prevalence of historic controversy this 
       edited collection utilizes contributions from both 
       independent academics and current practitioners in leading
       Child Sponsorship NGOs to review of the origins of 
       sponsorship, past controversy, current diversity in the 
       sector and ongoing challenges. In doing so it clarifies 
       the nature of early Child sponsorship programs and 
       positions leading child sponsorship organizations as 
       constantly evolving.  This book is an essential reading 
       for students, academics and practitioners interested in 
       one of most enduring and important flows of foreign aid 
520 1  I commend this book as being foundational for a considered
       discussion by scholars and practitioners of what CS has 
       been in the past, continues to be today, and can be 
       tomorrow. - Jayakumar Christain, Director of World Vision 
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545 0  Matthew Clarke is Head of the School of Humanities and 
       Social Sciences at Deakin University, Australia. His 
       research interests include religion and development, aid 
       effectiveness, and the development within the Pacific 
       region.  Brad Watson is a Senior Lecturer in International
       Poverty and Development Studies within the Faculty of Arts
       and Theology at Avondale College of Higher Education, 
       Australia. His research area includes the history and 
       evolution of child sponsorship international non-
       governmental organisations 
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