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245 04 The social value of the financial sector|h[electronic 
       resource] :|btoo big to fail or just too big? /|ceditors, 
       Viral V Acharya ... [et al.] 
260    Singapore ;|aHackensack, N.J. :|bWorld Scientific Pub. Co.,
300    1 online resource (xii, 523 p.) :|bill. (some col.), col. 
490 1  World scientific studies in international economics ;|v29 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 0  Pt. I. Keynote addresses. ch. 1. A ferment of regulatory 
       proposals / Charles A.E. Goodhart -- ch. 2. Progress and 
       priorities for financial reform / Mary John Miller -- pt. 
       II. Description and measurement of the financial system. 
       ch. 3. What is meaningful banking reform, why is it so 
       necessary ... and so unlikely? / Charles W. Calomiris -- 
       ch. 4. The great leveraging / Alan M. Taylor -- ch. 5. 
       Finance and economic development in a model with credit 
       rationing / Jean-Louis Arcand, Enrico Berkes, and Ugo 
       Panizza -- ch. 6. Too much finance, too much credit? 
       Comments on papers by Calomiris, Arcand-Berkes-Panizza, 
       and Taylor / Eugene N. White -- pt. III. Social benefits 
       and costs of the current financial system. ch. 7. Bank 
       regulatory reforms and racial wage discrimination / Ross 
       Levine, Alexey Levkov, and Yona Rubinstein -- ch. 8. 
       Finance: economic lifeblood or toxin? / Marco Pagano -- 
       ch. 9. Finance: is bigger badder? / Gerard Caprio, Jr. -- 
       pt. IV. Financial industry innovation. ch. 10. A proposal 
       for the resolution of systemically important assets and 
       liabilities: the case of the repo market / Viral V. 
       Acharya and T. Sabri Öncü -- ch. 11. Reexamining financial
       innovation after the global financial crisis / W. Scott 
       Frame and Lawrence J. White -- ch. 12. Financial 
       innovation and shadow banking / Luc Laeven -- pt. V. 
       Effects of regulation, the safety net and other government
       guarantees. ch. 13. Evolving intermediation / Nicola 
       Cetorelli -- ch. 14. The socially optimal level of capital
       requirements: a view from two papers / Javier Suarez -- 
       ch. 15. Effects of regulation, the safety net, and other 
       government guarantees / Mathias Dewatripont 
505 8  Pt. VI. Finance and economic activity: variations across 
       emerging and developed markets. ch. 16. Legal and 
       alternative institutions in finance and commerce / 
       Franklin Allen and Jun "QJ" Qian -- ch. 17. Finance in the
       tropics: understanding structural gaps and policy 
       challenges / Thorsten Beck -- ch. 18. Foreign banks: 
       access to finance and financial stability / Neeltje van 
       Horen -- ch. 19. Institutions, finance, and economic 
       activity: views and agenda / Elias Papaioannou -- pt. VII.
       Break up the big banks? ch. 20. Breaking (banks) up is 
       hard to do: new perspective on too big to fail / James R. 
       Barth and Apanard (Penny) Prabha -- ch. 21. Restructuring 
       the banking system to improve safety and soundness / 
       Thomas M. Hoenig and Charles S. Morris -- ch. 22. Ending 
       too big to fail: a proposal for reform / Richard W. Fisher
       and Harvey Rosenblum -- pt. VIII. Where to from here? The 
       implications for financial regulatory policy. ch. 23. 
       Where to from here? Implementation, implementation, 
       implementation / Claudio Borio -- ch. 24. Complexity in 
       financial regulation / Andrew G. Haldane and Vasileios 
       Madouros -- ch. 25. Financial reform: on the right road, 
       at the right pace? / Thomas F. Huertas -- ch. 26. Banking 
       regulation and supervision in the next 10 years and their 
       unintended consequences / Danièle Nouy -- ch. 27. The 
       social value of the financial sector: where to from here? 
       / Barbara A. Rehm -- ch. 28. Public policy options / 
       Jürgen Stark 
520    As a result of the recent financial crisis, there has been
       significant public debate on the role of the financial 
       sector in bringing about the "Great Depression." More 
       generally, there has been debate about whether the current
       industry structure has enhanced social welfare or served a
       detrimental role. This book is a collection of papers 
       presented at the conference held at the Federal Reserve 
       Bank of Chicago, in November 2012 that examined the social
       value of the financial sector as currently structured. 
       Issues evaluated include what are the perceived benefits 
       and costs of the current financial system? How valuable 
       have industry innovations been for society? Should 
       regulation be used to "move" the industry in a direction 
       thought to be more valuable for society? Should "big" 
       banks be broken up? What are the welfare implications of 
       the current industry structure? In the book, leading 
       industry scholars debate these issues with a goal of 
       influencing public policy toward the industry 
650  0 Financial institutions 
650  0 Financial institutions|xGovernment policy 
650  0 Banks and banking 
650  0 Social policy 
700 1  Acharya, Viral V 
710 2  World Scientific (Firm) 
830  0 World Scientific studies in international economics ;|v29 
856 40 |uhttp://www.worldscientific.com/worldscibooks/10.1142/
       8865#t=toc|zeBook(World Scientific)