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245 00 Hobbes on politics and religion /|cedited by Laurens van 
       Apeldoorn and Robin Douglass 
246 14 Hobbes on politics & religion 
250    First edition 
264  1 Oxford, United Kingdom :|bOxford University Press,|c2018 
264  4 |c©2018 
300    xiv, 297 pages ;|c24 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
500    "The majority of chapters in this volume were presented at
       two workshops in 2015, the first at King's College London 
       and the second at Leiden University."--Page vii 
504    Includes bibliographical references (pages 273-294) and 
505 0  Introduction / Laurens van Apeldoorn, Robin Douglass --
       |tThe theocratic Leviathan : Hobbes's arguments for the 
       identity of church and state /|rJohan Olsthoorn --
       |tNatural sovereignty and omnipotence in Hobbes's 
       Leviathan /|rA. P. Martinich --|tFirst impressions : 
       Hobbes on religion, education, and the metaphor of 
       imprinting /|rTeresa M. Bejan --|tTolerance as a dimension
       of Hobbes's absolutism /|rFranck Lessay --|tHobbes on the 
       motives of martyrs /|rAl exandra Chadwick --|tHobbes, 
       Calvinism, and determinism /|rAlan Cromartie --|tMosaic 
       leviathan : religion and rhetoric in Hobbes's political 
       thought /|rAlison McQueen --|tDevil in the details: 
       Hobbes's use and abuse of scripture /|rPaul B. Davis --
       |tThe Politics of Hobbes's Historia Ecclesiastica /
       |rPatricia Springborg --|tA profile in cowardice? Hobbes, 
       personation, and the trinity /|rGlen Newey --|tHobbes and 
       the future of religion /|rJon Parkin --|tHobbes and early 
       English deism /|rBlad Carmel --|tAll the wars of 
       Christendom: Hobbes's theory of religious conflict /
       |rJeffrey Collins --|tReligious conflict and moral 
       consensus: Hobbes, Rawls, and two types of moral 
       justification /|rDaniel Eggers --|tHobbes on the duty not 
       to act on conscience /|rS. A. Lloyd 
520 8  "Thomas Hobbes, one of the most important figures in the 
       history of political philosophy, is still widely regarded 
       as a predominantly secular thinker. Yet a great deal of 
       his political thought was motivated by the need to address
       problems of a distinctively religious nature. This is the 
       first collection of essays dedicated to the complex and 
       rich intersections between Hobbes's political and 
       religious thought. Written by experts in the field, the 
       volume opens up new directions for thinking about his 
       treatment of religion as a political phenomenon and the 
       political dimensions of his engagement with Christian 
       doctrines and their history. The chapters investigate his 
       strategies for showing how his provocative political 
       positions could be accepted by different religious 
       audiences for whom fidelity to religious texts was of 
       crucial importance, while also considering the legacy of 
       his ideas and examining their relevance for contemporary 
       concerns. Some chapters do so by pursuing mainly 
       historical inquiries about the motives and circumstances 
       of Hobbes's writings, while others reconstruct the logic 
       of his arguments and test their philosophical coherence. 
       They thus offer wide-ranging and sometimes conflicting 
       assessments of Hobbes's ideas, yet they all demonstrate 
       how closely intertwined his political and religious 
       preoccupations are and thereby showcase how this 
       perspective can help us to better understand his thought."
       --|cProvided by publisher's website 
530    Also available in electronic format 
600 10 Hobbes, Thomas,|d1588-1679|xPolitical and social views
600 10 Hobbes, Thomas,|d1588-1679|xReligion|vCongresses 
700 1  Apeldoorn, Laurens van,|d1979-|eeditor 
700 1  Douglass, Robin,|eeditor 
710 2  King's College London,|ehost institution 
710 2  Rijksuniversiteit te Leiden,|ehost institution 
776 08 |iElectronic version:|tHobbes on politics and religion.
       |bFirst edition.|dOxford, United Kingdon : Oxford 
       University Press, 2018|z9780192525093|w(OCoLC)1042074273 
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