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245 04 The Wiley handbook on the aging mind and brain /|cedited 
       by Matthew Rizzo, Steven Anderson, Bernd Fritzsch 
246 30 Handbook on the aging mind and brain 
246 30 On the aging mind and brain 
250    First edition 
264  1 Hoboken, NJ ;|aChichester, West Sussex :|bJohn Wiley & 
       Sons, Inc.,|c2018 
300    xxxvii, 792 pages :|billustrations (some color) ;|c26 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 0  Introduction and overview / Matthew Rizzo, Steven Anderson,
       and Bernd Fritzsch -- Social networks, social 
       relationships, and their effects on the aging mind and 
       brain / Sato Ashida and Ellen J. Schafer -- Aging and the 
       brain / Veena Prahlad and Madhusudana Rao Chikka -- Animal
       models of pathological aging / Eric B. Emmons, Youngcho 
       Kim, and Nandakumar S. Narayanan -- Humanistic 
       perspectives : arts and the aging mind / Andrea Charise 
       and Margaret L. Eginton -- Medical assessment of the aging
       mind and brain / T. Scott Diesing and Matthew Rizzo -- 
       Neuropsychological assessment of aging individuals / R. D.
       Jones -- Normal aging : brain morphologic, chemical and 
       physiologic changes detected within vivo MRI / A. A. 
       Capizzano, T. Moritani, M. Jacob, and David E. Warren -- 
       Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging : principles 
       and potential role in understanding brain function / Laura
       L. Boles Ponto -- Electrophysiological measures of age-
       related cognitive impairment in humans / David E. Anderson
       and Olga Taraschenko -- The brain in the wild : tracking 
       human behavior in naturalistic settings / Gabriella E. M. 
       Rizzo and Matthew Rizzo -- Quality of life assessment / 
       Fredric D. Wolinsky and Elena M. Andresen -- Executive 
       functions and behavior across the lifespan / Paul J. 
       Eslinger and Claire Flaherty -- Memory and language in 
       aging : how their shared cognitive processes, neural 
       correlates, and supporting mechanisms change with age / 
       David E. Warren, Rachael Rubin, Samantha Shune, and 
       Melissa C. Duff -- Vision and aging / Cynthia Owsley, 
       Deepta Ghate, and Sachin Kedar -- Aging-related balance 
       impairment and hearing loss / Deema Fattal, Marlan Hansen,
       and Bernd Fritzsch -- Attention and processing speed / 
       Benjamin D. Lester, Daniel B. Vatterott, and Shaun P. 
       Vecera -- Motor functions and mobility / Warren G. Darling,
       Kelly J. Cole, and James A. Ashton-Miller -- Incontinence 
       and sexual dysfunction / Karl J. Kreder, Sarah Fraumann 
       Faris, Matthew Rizzo, and Satish S-C. Rao -- Emotional 
       function during aging / Kuan-Hua Chen and Steven W. 
       Anderson -- Alzheimerʹs Disease and mild cognitive 
       impairment / David T. Jones, Marla B. Bruns, and Ronald C.
       Petersen -- Cerebrovascular disease and white matter 
       disorders / Nandakumar Nagaraja and Enrique C. Leira -- 
       Movement disorders / Dronacharya Lamichhane and Ergun Y. 
       Uc -- Psychiatric disorders / Steven P. Wengel, Roberto F.
       Cervantes, and William J. Burke -- Encephalopathy / 
       Alberto Serrano-Pozo -- Traumatic brain injury and 
       neurodegenerative disease / Dawn McGuire -- Sleep and 
       sleep disorders in older adults / Jon Tippin -- PAIN / 
       Keela Herr, Stephen Gibson, and Thomas Hadjistavropoulos -
       - The benefits of physical activity on brain structure and
       function in healthy aging and age-related neurological 
       disease / Michelle W. Voss -- Aging, mind and brain : a 
       human factors engineering perspective / Sara J. Czaja -- 
       Community and long-term care supports for older adults 
       with cognitive decline / Kristine Williams and Ying-Ling 
       Jao -- Neuroethics of aging / Steven Anderson -- The 
       public health challenge presented by the growing 
       population of persons with Alzheimerʹs Disease and other 
       forms of dementia : a survey of American public policy 
       activity / Brian P. Kaskie and Christopher Stamy -- 
       Competency and capacity in the aging adult / Joseph 
       Barrash -- Boomers after the bust : ageism and employment 
       discrimination trends after the Great Recession / Helen D.
       (Heidi) Reavis and Alison Roh Park -- Science, society, 
       and a vision for mind and brain health across the lifespan
       / Matthew Rizzo, Steven Anderson, and Bernd Fritzsch 
520    "Discusses brain functions and behavior across the 
       lifespan, brain disease and dysfunction,optimizing brain 
       function in health and disease, and legal and ethical 
       issues"--|cProvided by publisher 
650  0 Cognition|xAge factors|vHandbooks, manuals, etc 
650  0 Brain|xAging|vHandbooks, manuals, etc 
650  0 Cognitive neuroscience|vHandbooks, manuals, etc 
700 1  Rizzo, Matthew,|eeditor 
700 1  Anderson, Steven W.,|eeditor 
700 1  Fritzsch, Bernd,|eeditor 
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