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100 1  Hussainova, Irina 
245 10 Engineering Materials and Tribology :|bSelected Peer 
       Reviewed Papers from the 21st International Baltic 
       Conference 'Engineering Materials and Tribology', 
       (BALTMATTRIB 2012), October 18-19, 2012, Tallinn, Estonia 
250    1st ed 
264  1 Durnten :|bTrans Tech Publications, Limited,|c2012 
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490 1  Key Engineering Materials Ser. ;|vv.Vol. 527 
505 0  Intro -- Engineering Materials and Tribology -- Preface --
       Table of Contents -- Chapter 1: Advanced Materials and 
       Technologies -- The Production of High Density Cast Iron 
       Tubes by Horizontally Continuous Casting -- Development of
       TiB2-Based Cermets with Fe-Mo Binder -- Mechanical 
       Properties of Kaolin during Heating -- Reactive Sintering 
       of ZrC-TiC Composites -- Incorporation of Magnesium Ions 
       into Synthetic Hydroxyapatite: Synthesis and 
       Characterization -- Preparation of TiB2-TiN and TiN-B 
       Powders and their Processing -- Processing and 
       Characterization of Porous Silica-Ag-Nanoparticle 
       Composites Produced by Pulsed Electric Current Sintering -
       - Structure and Properties of Recycled Aromatic 
       Thermoplastic Polyester Nanocomposites -- Densification 
       and Microstructure Development in Zirconia Toughened 
       Hardmetals -- Influence of Pressurized Sintering on 
       Performance of TiC-Based Cermets -- Synthesis of ZrC-TiC 
       Blend by Novel Combination of Sol-Gel Method and 
       Carbothermal Reduction -- Critical Radius in the Effect of
       Transformation Toughening of Zirconia Doped Ceramics and 
       Cermets -- Chapter 2: Coatings and Surface Engineering -- 
       The Rolling Contact Fatigue of PVD Coated Spur Gears -- 
       Influence of Surface Morphology on the Tribological 
       Behavior of Diamond-Like Carbon Coating -- Friction of 
       Thin Electroless NiP and NiP-SiO2 Coatings on Aluminium 
       Alloy Substrate -- Chapter 3: Materials Characterization -
       - Mechanical Properties of Alumina Based Nanocomposites --
       Peculiarities of Fatigue Fracture of Steel Hardened by 
       Various Surface Treatments -- Thermal Stability of PECS-
       Compacted Cu-Composites -- Surface Fatigue of Al-Metal 
       Matrix Composites at Impact Loading -- Investigation of 
       Residual Stresses and some Elastic Properties of Brush-
       Plated Gold and Silver Galvanic Coatings -- Experimental 
       Analysis of Steel Plasticity Parameters during Quenching 
505 8  Effect of New Superhard Phases Formation on Properties of 
       Composite Processed by SHS -- Recycling of Al-W-B 
       Composite Material -- Characterization of Mechanical 
       Milling Cermet Powders Produced by Disintegrator 
       Technology -- Investigation of TiO2 Ceramic Surface 
       Conductivity Using Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy -- 
       Dynamic Compression Behavior and Numerical Modeling of Ti-
       6246 Alloy at Different Temperatures -- Chapter 4: 
       Tribology -- Wear Estimation Using 3D Surface Roughness 
       Parameters -- The Analysis of Abrasive Wear of the Helical
       Grooved Journal Bearing -- Wear Behaviour of Recycled Hard
       Particle Reinforced NiCrBSi Hardfacings Deposited by 
       Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) Process -- Abrasive Wear 
       Resistance of Recycled Hardmetal Reinforced Thick Coating 
       -- Tribological Parameters of Copper-Alumina Composite -- 
       UV or AO Irradiation Effects on the Tribological 
       Properties of the Talc/GF/PI Composites -- Tribological 
       Behavior of Bronze Alloys with Solid Lubricants -- Effects
       of Strain and Strain Rate on the Abrasive Wear Behavior of
       High Manganese Austenitic Steel -- The Study of the 
       Tribological Properties of One-Process and Two-Process 
       Textures after Vapour Blasting and Lapping Using Pin-on-
       Disc Tests -- Impact and Sliding Wear Properties of Single
       Layer, Multilayer and Nanocomposite Physical Vapour 
       Deposited (PVD) Coatings on the Plasma Nitrided Low-Alloy 
       42CrMo4 Steel -- Development and Testing of Materials with
       Reduced Wear by Fixed Abrasive -- Keywords Index -- 
       Authors Index 
520    The Baltic International Conferences on Materials 
       Engineering and Tribology were initiated 19 years ago and 
       focus on materials issues and tribological studies. During
       this period, BALTMATTRIB has become an open forum where 
       researchers and engineers can exchange ideas, share 
       thoughts and encourage development and cooperation in both
       basic and applied research in the fields of materials 
       science, powder metallurgy, surface engineering and 
       tribology.Review from Book News Inc.: Recently 
       developments in advanced materials and technologies, 
       coatings and surface engineering, characterizing material,
       and tribology are considered in 37 papers delivered at the
       21st annual conference. Among the topics are the 
       mechanical properties of kaolin during heating, the 
       critical radius in the effect of transformation toughening
       of zirconia doped ceramics and cermets, the experimental 
       analysis of steel plasticity parameters during quenching, 
       analyzing abrasive wear in a helical grooved journal 
       bearing, and the tribological behavior of bronze alloys 
       with solid lubricants 
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650  0 Tribology -- Congresses.;Lubrication and lubricants -- 
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776 08 |iPrint version:|aHussainova, Irina|tEngineering Materials
       and Tribology : Selected Peer Reviewed Papers from the 
       21st International Baltic Conference 'Engineering 
       Materials and Tribology', (BALTMATTRIB 2012), October 18-
       19, 2012, Tallinn, Estonia|dDurnten : Trans Tech 
       Publications, Limited,c2012|z9783037855003 
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