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100 1  Cheng, Danhong 
245 10 Applied Energy and Power Engineering IV 
250    1st ed 
264  1 Durnten :|bTrans Tech Publications, Limited,|c2014 
264  4 |c©2015 
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490 1  Advanced Materials Research ;|vv.1070-1072 
505 0  Intro -- Applied Energy and Power Engineering IV -- 
       Preface and Conference Organization -- Table of Contents -
       - Chapter 1: Development and Utilization of Solar Energy -
       - Analysis of Limit Angle Deviation for the Spot of Solar 
       Simulator -- Development of Wind-Solar-Diesel-Battery 
       Integrated Seawater Desalination Device -- The Solar-GSHP 
       System Applied in the Administrative Regiona of a TYPICAL 
       Port -- Comparative Analysis of Inverter Topology for 
       Highly Efficient Single-Phase Photovoltaic Generation 
       System -- Design and Research of Integrated PV and Storage
       Grid-Connected Generation System -- Solar Temperature 
       Difference of a Complementary Power Generation Device for 
       Automotive Applications -- Strategy for Grid-Connection 
       Control of Photovoltaic System -- Study on the Heat 
       Transfer Mechanism of Ceramic Solar Collector -- 
       Development Status and Measures of China's Photovoltaic 
       Power Industry under the International Background -- 
       Optimization of Photovoltaic Array Configurations in 
       Photovoltaic System -- Study on Automatic Control Method 
       of Photovoltaic Power Systems -- Study on Solar 
       Photovoltaic Tracking System Based on Servo Control -- The
       Effect of Digital Process of Single-Phase Photovoltaic 
       Grid Connected Inverter -- The Feasibility Study of 
       Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation System in 
       Western Region of China -- The Influence of Distributed 
       Photovoltaic Access to Distribution Network on Voltage 
       Profile -- Chapter 2: Development and Utilization of 
       Biomass Energy -- Thermogravimetric and Pyrolysis Kinetic 
       Analysis of Elmwood -- Conversion of Biomass-Derived 
       Glycolide to Ethylene Glycol over Cu -- Development of the
       Straw Based Power Generation in China: A Critical Analysis
       -- Influence of Catalyst on Direct Ethyl Lactate 
       Production from Glucose and Ethanol 
505 8  Analysis and Optimization of Fuel Delivery Advance Angle 
       of Waste Cooking Oil Biodiesel Using MATLAB -- 
       Cellulolytic Enzyme Lignin Efficiently Blended with 
       Polycaprolactone: Thermal, Mechanical Properties and 
       Morphological Evaluation -- Biodiesel Production from 
       Waste Cooking Oils by Using Immobilized Microorganisms as 
       Whole Cell Catalysts -- Effects of Silage Additives on 
       Biogas Production of Hybrid Penisetum -- Isolation and 
       Preliminary Identification of Cellulose-Decomposing 
       Microorganisms Form Bamboo Forest -- Selective 
       Depolymerization of Sulfuric Acid Pretreated Wheat Stalk 
       under Microwave-Irradiation -- Torrefaction of Biomass: 
       Effect of Temperature on the Properties of Liquid and 
       Gaseous Products -- Biomass Energy - Effective Utilization
       of Crop Straws -- Thermodynamic Analysis of Ethanol-Diesel
       Oil and Waste Heat Recovery for Diesel Engines -- 
       Thermogravimetric Study on the Co-Pyrolysis 
       Characteristics of Bituminous Coal and Wheat Straw -- 
       Triglycerides Catalytic Hydroconversion into Bio-Aviation 
       Fuels Based on Temperature by One-Step -- Effect of Carbon
       Sources and Fe3+ on the Growth and Lipid Accumulation of 
       Monoraphidium sp. FXY-10 under Mixotrophic Culture 
       Condition -- Chapter 3: Development and Utilization of 
       Wind Energy -- "Source to Source" Active Coordinated 
       Control Technique Based on Large-Scale Wind Power 
       Connecting to the Grid -- A Probability Distribution Model
       to Simulate Wind Power Output Fluctuation -- Effects of 
       Surge on Rotor Aerodynamics of Offshore Floating Wind 
       Turbine -- Study on Influence of High-Energy Load 
       Accommodating to Wind Power by Layer on Network Loss -- 
       Analysis of Stakeholders' Behaviors in the Development of 
       China's Wind Power Industry -- Containing Wind Farm Power 
       System Probabilistic Optimal Power Flow Calculation Using 
       the Method of Combined Cumulants and Gram-Charlier 
505 8  Mechanism Research about Impact of Large-Scale Wind Power 
       Integration on Grid Loss -- Research on Inverter Side 
       Steady Operation of Direct-Drive Permanent Magnet 
       Synchronous Wind Power System -- A Review on Low Voltage 
       Ride-Through Solutions for PMSG Wind Turbine -- Analysis 
       on the Wind Turbines Current Influenced by the Impedance 
       Variation of Low Voltage Ride through Test Device -- 
       Analysis of System Key Variables under Power Fluctuation 
       from Wind Power Cluster -- Coordinated Reactive Power and 
       Voltage Control Based on Doubly-Fed Wind Farm Cluster -- 
       Doubly Fed of Induction Generators Wind Turbine Frequency 
       Control Based on Power Curve of Inertia Control and Pitch 
       Angle Control -- Equivalent P-v Model of Wind Farm Based 
       on Measured Data -- Generator-Side Converter Control 
       Strategies of Synchronous Wind Turbines Based on the MPPT 
       -- Optimization of Large Scale Energy Storage System for 
       Relaxing Wind Power Centralized Transmission Bottlenecks -
       - Regional Wind Energy Resource Forecasting Based on SVD 
       and Support Vector Machine -- Research of Bidirectional 
       Power Flow Algorithm of Micro-Grid Based on the Improved 
       Zbus Method -- Research on Short-Circuit Current of Wind 
       Power System and its Impact on Relay Protection -- Sharing
       of Unbalanced Loads in an Isolated Distributed Generation 
       System with Droop Controlled Doubly Fed Induction 
       Generator -- Study on Identification of Wind Turbine Power
       Characteristic Curve by Genetic Algorithm -- Study on 
       Transient Stability Simulation of District Grid Containing
       High Proportion of Wind Power -- Vulnerability Assessment 
       for Large-Scale Wind Farm -- Wind Speed Change and 
       Influence on Wind Energy in Recent 50 Years over Hexi 
       Corridor -- Economic Operation Research of Wind and Pumped
       Storage Co-Generation System 
505 8  An Adaptive Chaos Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm 
       Optimization Algorithm for Real-Time Dispatch in Power 
       System with Wind Generation -- Assessment of Offshore Wind
       Resource in China Using CFSR Data -- Detached Eddy 
       Simulation of the Flow over Bolund -- RBF Neural Network 
       Wind Power Prediction Based on Chaos Theory -- Time 
       Sequence Coordination Frequency Control Strategy Design of
       Wind Farm -- Wind Power Fluctuation Smoothing of Double-
       Fed Induction Generator by Using Confining Factor -- Risk 
       Assessment of Power System with Wind Farm Considering 
       Weather Impacts -- A Study on the Application of Abandoned
       Wind Electricity in Thermal Power Plant's Heat Recovery 
       System -- Chapter 4: Nuclear Energy and other Energy -- A 
       Comparative Study on Long-Term Energy Efficiency of Two 
       Kinds of Ground-Source Heat Pump Systems -- Use of Nuclear
       Energy and Sustainable Development -- Preliminary Core 
       Design and Optimization Analysis of Travelling Wave 
       Reactor -- Analysis of Negative Sequence Operation 
       Characteristics for Nuclear Half Speed Steam Turbine 
       Generator -- Analysis of Nuclear Power Industry's 
       Sustainable Development in China from the Perspective of 
       Innovation Ecosystem -- Chapter 5: Energy-Saving and 
       Energy-Storage Technology -- Application of Distributed 
       Energy Storage -- Research of Large LNG Tank Structure -- 
       Study on the Effect of Foreign Direct Investment and 
       Foreign Trade on Energy Efficiency in the Yangtze Delta 
       Region Using Stochastic Frontier Analysis Approach -- 
       Investigation into the Application Prospects of Energy 
       Storage Technologies Proposed for West Inner Mongolia 
       Power Grid -- The Study of Fuel-Saving Technology of GSI -
       - Analysis of Operations Optimization of a 600MW Coal-
       Fired Power Plant -- Efficiency Analysis of Low-Grade 
       Energy Recovery System Based on Scroll Expander 
505 8  Optimal Capacity Allocation for Supercapacitor Energy 
       Storage System in Power Grid Primary Frequency Regulation 
       -- Research on Application of Energy Storage Technology in
       Renewable Energy Source Generation -- Super-Cooling 
       Suppression of Microencapsulated PCM -- Energy Saving 
       Potential on Centrifugal Water Chillers with Frequency 
       Converter System: A Case Study in China -- Heat Recycling 
       of PCS Power Inverter on Energy Storage Device -- Study on
       Dispersion Behavior of TiO2 Nanoparticles in PCM for Air-
       Conditioning System -- The Numerical Prediction and Safety
       Analysis of Alternative Fuels Leakage Accident during 
       Storage and Transportation -- Study on Charging and 
       Discharging Characteristics of Energy Storage System in 
       Wind Storage Power Plant under the Condition of Black 
       Start -- An Operating Control Strategy of Zinc Bromine 
       Flow Battery Energy Storage Systems in Microgrid -- 
       Chapter 6: Energy Chemical Engineering, Energy Materials 
       and Fuel Cell -- High Reversible Capacity of Nitrogen-
       Doped Graphene as an Anode Material for Lithium-Ion 
       Batteries -- Polyaniline@MnO2/Graphene Oxide Ternary 
       Composites for Electrochemical Supercapacitors -- Research
       Progress in Gasochromics Mechanism of Tungsten Oxide Thin 
       Films -- Effects of Post-Annealing Temperature on the 
       Structure and Electrical Properties of N-Doped ZnO Films -
       - Modulation of Low Bias Negative Differential Resistance 
       in a Molecular Device by Adjusting Anchoring Groups -- 
       Novel Two-Dimensional Carbon Nanomaterials: Synthesis and 
       Excellent Lithium Storage Properties -- SFA-SDC Composite 
       Cathodes Fabricated with Glycine-Nitrate Process for 
       Intermediate-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells -- A 
       Review of Graphene Supported Electrocatalysts for Direct 
       Methanol Fuel Cells -- Combustion Behavior and Combustion-
       Supporting Mechanism of KMnO4 on Mixing Pulverized Coals 
       and Semicoke in Blast Furnace Injection 
505 8  Desulfurization Effect of High-Sulfur Weibei Coal of 
       Assisted by Microwave Irradiation and Ultrasonic Wave 
520    Collection of Selected, Peer Reviewed Papers from the 4th 
       International Conference on Energy, Environment and 
       Sustainable Development (EESD 2014), October 25-26, 2014, 
       Nanjing, China. the 387 Papers are Grouped as Follows: 
       Chapter 1: Development and Utilization of Solar Energy; 
       Chapter 2: Development and Utilization of Biomass Energy; 
       Chapter 3: Development and Utilization of Wind Energy; 
       Chapter 4: Nuclear Energy and other Energy; Chapter 5: 
       Energy-Saving and Energy-Storage Technology; Chapter 6: 
       Energy Chemical Engineering, Energy Materials and Fuel 
       Cell; Chapter 7: Power System and Automation; Chapter 8: 
       High Voltage Equipment and Insulation Technology; Chapter 
       9: Electrical Machines and Apparatus, Power Drives; 
       Chapter 10: Smart Grid and Microgrid Technologies; Chapter
       11: Power Systems Management; Chapter 12: Electrotechnics,
       Low Voltage Electronics and Power Supply; Chapter 13: New 
       Energy Vehicles and Electric Vehicles; Chapter 14: 
       Engineering Thermodynamics and Thermal Engineering in 
       Designing of Energy Equipment; Chapter 15: Details and 
       Units of Power Machines; Chapter 16: Fluids and Flow 
       Engineering in Designing of Energy Machines; Chapter 17: 
       HVAC, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration; Chapter 18: 
       Computer Applications and Mathematical Modeling 
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