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100 1  Group, World Bank 
245 10 Future of the Natural Gas Market in Southeast Europe 
264  1 Herndon :|bWorld Bank Publications,|c2010 
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505 0  Intro -- Cover -- Title Page -- Copyright -- Contents -- 
       Acknowledgments -- Abbreviations -- Overview -- How This 
       Report Is Organized -- How the Report Has Been Distributed
       -- Demand-Side Assessments -- Supply-Side Options -- 
       Institutional Framework and Implementation Issues -- 
       Conclusions and Key Findings -- Chapter 1. Introduction --
       Study Background and Objectives -- Study Methodology and 
       Approach to Analysis -- Overview of the Work Program and 
       Report Content -- Chapter 2. Demand-Side Assessments -- 
       Background: The Economic and Energy Sector Contexts -- 
       Demand Projections -- Fuel Price Scenarios -- Analysis of 
       Prices, Demand Side -- Storage Demand -- Chapter 3. Supply
       -Side Options -- Analysis of Prices-Supply Side -- Gas 
       Sources of Potential Interest to Southeast Europe -- LNG 
       Potential Supply -- Transmission Pipeline Supply Routes 
       and Scenarios -- Regional Gas Transmission Infrastructure 
       -- Regional Underground Gas Storage -- Economics of Gas 
       Distribution Networks -- Gas Value Chain -- Interaction 
       with Western European Gas Markets -- Implications of 
       Supply Analysis for Each SEE Market -- Chapter 4. 
       Institutional Framework -- The Gas Market in Southeast 
       Europe -- National Gas Markets -- Cross-Border Framework -
       - Underground Gas Storage -- Financing of Regional Gas 
       Investments -- Conclusions on Institutional Issues -- 
       Chapter 5. Conclusions and Key Findings -- Economics of 
       Gasification -- The Energy Community Gas Ring: A 
       Cooperative Regional Vision for Gas Development -- Phased 
       Development of the EC Ring -- Access to Upstream Pipeline 
       Capacity to Supply the EC Ring -- Diversity of Gas Sources
       of Supply -- Institutional and Regulatory Framework to 
       Realize the Regional Ring Concept -- Roles of Public and 
       Private Sector Players in Realizing the Gasification 
       Vision -- Appendices -- A Future Russian Gas Prices 
505 8  B Liquefied Natural Gas Sources of Interest -- C 
       Methodology for Calculating Pipeline Costs -- D Detailed 
       Transmission Pipeline Routes -- E Prospects for 
       Underground Gas Storage in Southeast Europe -- F City 
       Distribution Case Studies -- G Private Financing -- 
       References -- Back cover 
520    This study was to analyze the future role of natural gas 
       in the energy mix of countries of South East Europe. The 
       study further identifies regional, cross-border and 
       country-specific gas infrastructure projects that are 
       economically, financially and technically sound. The study
       also analyses, and makes proposals for, the institutional 
       and policy issues relating to funding and implementing gas
       infrastructure projects. The study examines sources of gas
       supply from Russia, the Caspian region and other current 
       and prospective producer countries through Turkey and 
       other transit routes (including LNG) and assesses costs of
       supply and gasification prospects in nine gas markets in 
       the South East Europe region:.  Albania.  Bosnia and 
       Herzegovina.  Bulgaria.  Croatia.  Kosovo.  Macedonia.  
       Montenegro.  Romania.  Serbia. These markets are all 
       signatories of the Athens Memoranda of 2002 and 2003, 
       which commit the participants to regional cooperation in 
       electricity and gas 
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650  0 Gas industry -- Balkan Peninsula.;Energy industries -- 
       Balkan Peninsula 
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