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050  4 GB1399.2.F56 2000 
100 1  Gendreau, Nicolas 
245 10 Final Floodaware Report of the European Climate and 
       Environment Programme :|bAction 2.3.1.: hydrological and 
       hydrogeological risks. 1994-1998 
264  1 Versailles :|bQuæ,|c2000 
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505 0  Intro -- SOMMAIRE -- Foreword :N. Gendreau -- The 
       inondabilité method N. Gendreau, E. Desbos, O. Gilard -- 
       Study and research for the implementation of an Alert 
       Prototype System (APS) in mountainous catchments in north-
       west Italy C. Bogliotti and C. Mosca -- Design discharge 
       calculations and flood plain management M. Menendez -- 
       Model and Spatial Database to Assess Design Peak Flow 
       Rates in the Waloon Region (Belgium) S. Dautrebande, S. 
       Laime -- Rainfall analysis and regionalization computing 
       intensity duration-frequency curves Ms. Uona Vaskova under
       direction of Dr. Félix Froncés -- Flow regionalization. A 
       stochastic flow model for QDF analysis Dr. Juan B. Marco 
       with the help of M. Jesús Rodriguez Gimeno, undergraduate 
       student with cooperation grant from this project -- Flood 
       risk modification downstream from reservoirs Ms. Ma 
       Victoria Zapater under the direction of Dr Juan Marco -- A
       prototype of real time flood warning system in a Piedmont 
       catchment V. Anselmo, S. Barbero, C. Giampani, M. Ramasco 
       -- Study of extreme rainfalls Maria Carmen Llasat -- A 
       Case study in the Gort/Ardrahan area o f South Galway T. 
       Srnyth -- Economic valuation of the maximum acceptable 
       risk Pierre-Marie Combe -- Application of the Inondabilité
       method to the Riul Negru catchment (Romania) N. Gendreau, 
       R. Pretorian -- Perception of flood danger dependency on 
       the site of living Prof. Dr. Marko Pollic, prof. Dr. Mitja
       Brilly, Doc Dr. Matej Tusak -- Stochastic structure of 
       rainfall at a point R. Garcia Bartual, S. Saison Garcia --
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650  0 Flood forecasting -- Europe.;Flood control -- Europe 
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776 08 |iPrint version:|aGendreau, Nicolas|tFinal Floodaware 
       Report of the European Climate and Environment Programme :
       Action 2.3.1.: hydrological and hydrogeological risks. 
       1994-1998.|dVersailles : Quæ,c2000 
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