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100 1  Phillips, Pamelia S 
245 10 Singing Exercises for Dummies 
250    1st ed 
264  1 Somerset :|bJohn Wiley & Sons, Incorporated,|c2012 
264  4 |c©2012 
300    1 online resource (237 pages) 
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505 0  Singing Exercises For Dummies -- About the Author -- 
       Dedication -- Author's Acknowledgments -- Table of 
       Contents -- Introduction -- About This Book -- Conventions
       Used in This Book -- What You're Not to Read -- Foolish 
       Assumptions -- How This Book Is Organized -- Icons Used in
       This Book -- Where to Go from Here -- Part I: Preparing 
       Your Body for Practicing -- Chapter 1: Warming Up for 
       Singing -- Preparing Your Instrument: Stretching Out from 
       Head to Toe -- Opening and Positioning the Lower Body -- 
       Positioning the Upper Body for Easy Movement -- Putting It
       All Together with a Vocal Warm-Up -- Chapter 2: Practicing
       Breathing Exercises -- Moving the Breathing Muscles for 
       Singing -- Take It In: Shaping Inhalation -- Let It Out: 
       Controlling Exhalation -- Singing Practice Exercises with 
       Long and Short Phrases -- Songs for Extending Breath 
       Control -- Chapter 3: Shaping the Tongue and Lips for 
       Vowels -- Coordinating the Tongue and Lips for Back Vowels
       -- Positioning the Tongue for Front Vowels -- Alternating 
       between Front and Back Vowels -- Presenting the Middle 
       Vowel, Uh -- Singing Combination Vowels -- Songs for 
       Singing Vowels Precisely -- Chapter 4: Articulating 
       Consonants Accurately -- Touching on the Tip Consonants --
       Arching Back for Soft Palate Consonants -- Working on Lip 
       Consonants -- Consonant Combos: Moving the Lips and Tongue
       -- Songs for Singing Various Consonants -- Part II: Making
       Your Music Magical with Variety -- Chapter 5: Singing 
       Precise Intervals for Musical Accuracy -- Recognizing the 
       Most Common Intervals -- Hearing the Small Intervals -- 
       Finding Perfect Intervals -- Comparing the Larger 
       Intervals -- Discovering Chromatics -- Working on Scales -
       - Practice Piece: "Singing All the Intervals" -- Songs for
       Practicing Large Intervals -- Chapter 6: You've Got Rhythm
       : Conquering Rhythmic Notation and Tempo -- Rhythm Basics:
       Notes and Rests 
505 8  Exploring Advanced Rhythms -- Managing Rhythm at Any Tempo
       -- Songs for Working on Rhythm -- Chapter 7: Adding 
       Diversity with Dynamics, Articulation Marks, and More -- 
       Singing Dynamically -- Articulating What's Written -- 
       Practice Piece: "I Sing Out!" -- Improvising to Give Songs
       Your Own Unique Stamp -- Songs for Improving Your Musical 
       Diversity -- Part III: Working Out Your Range -- Chapter 8
       : Checking Out Chest Voice -- Getting Familiar with Chest 
       Voice -- Practice Piece: "Finding My Chest Voice" -- Songs
       That Work Out Your Chest Voice -- Chapter 9: Soaring into 
       Head Voice and Falsetto -- Figuring Out Falsetto -- 
       Discovering Your Head Voice -- Positioning Your Larynx for
       Fuller Head Voice Sounds -- Developing Your Head Voice 
       Range -- Practice Piece: "A Bejeweled Love Song" -- 
       Chapter 10: Mixing Up Your Sound with Middle Voice -- 
       Discovering Your Middle Voice -- Combining Registers with 
       Mix -- Exploring Your Mix with a Few Practice Pieces -- 
       Chapter 11: Coordinating Register Transitions -- Moving 
       Smoothly between Registers -- Leaping to and from Falsetto
       -- Refining Your Smooth Transitions -- Practice Piece: 
       "Marching Forth" -- Songs That Require Register 
       Transitions -- Part IV: Advancing Your Singing Technique -
       - Chapter 12: Developing Your Vocal Tone -- Touching on 
       Tone Basics -- Creating Echoing Tone with Resonance -- 
       Varying Tone with Vibrato -- Practice Piece: "Changing 
       Tone" -- Songs for Developing Your Tone -- Chapter 13: 
       Expanding Your Vocal Agility -- Exploring the Art of the 
       Quick Breath -- Howdy, Neighbor! Working on Stepwise 
       Motion -- Mastering Thirds -- Taking Musical Leaps with 
       Larger Intervals -- Practice Piece: "A Joyful Noise" -- 
       Songs for Flaunting Your Agility -- Chapter 14: Belting It
       Out with Exercises from Beginner to Advanced -- Getting 
       Started with Belting Basics -- Resonating All the Way to 
       the Back Row -- Chatting It Up 
505 8  Developing Stamina for Belting -- Comparing Belt and Mix -
       - Belting Your Face Off -- Testing Out Your Belt Sounds 
       with Practice Pieces -- Cooling Down Your Voice after 
       Belting -- Songs for Beginner Belters Looking to Try Out 
       Their Technique -- Songs for Advanced Belters Looking for 
       a Challenge -- Part V: The Part of Tens -- Chapter 15: Ten
       Tips for Practicing Like a Pro -- Set Aside Time to Focus 
       on Singing -- Plan What to Practice -- Use the Exercises 
       in This Book -- Record Your Practice Sessions -- Track 
       Your Progress -- Cool Down after Practicing -- Know When 
       to Rest -- Get to Know Your Song and Your Story -- Prepare
       for the Performance -- Find Help from a Voice Teacher -- 
       Chapter 16: Ten Questions Singers Ask Frequently -- What 
       Style of Music Is Right for My Voice? -- When Is a Song 
       out of My Range? -- Am I Tone Deaf or Just Singing Out of 
       Tune? -- How Do I Blend with Other Singers? -- How Do I 
       Blend My Voice with Instruments? -- What's the Best Way to
       Develop Vocal Endurance? -- How Can I Maintain Proper 
       Singing Posture While Playing an Instrument? -- When (And 
       What) Should I Eat before a Performance? -- How Do I Get 
       Over Stage Fright? -- What Do I Have to Do to Keep My 
       Voice Healthy? 
520    The fast and easy way to take your singing skills to new 
       heights Some people are born with a naturally great 
       singing voice, but even the best singers can benefit from 
       a broader range of knowledge and training. Voice training 
       not only expands your technique and power, but enhances 
       your performance abilities in business and on stage. 
       Singing Exercises For Dummies gives you a trusted, easy 
       way to learn, or improve, your singing. Packed with 
       exercises and drills in the book and on the accompanying 
       CD, Singing Exercises For Dummies helps you strengthen 
       your voice; refine technique; develop consistency, build 
       power and endurance; and increase vocal range. Beginning 
       with warm-up and proper posture then logically 
       transitioning to scales, chords, and arpeggios, Singing 
       Exercises For Dummies contains everything you need to 
       develop and sharpen your singing skills. Exercises and 
       drills on the CD help you practice your skills Covers 
       everything from building power and endurance to singing 
       pitch-perfect arpeggios Whether you're relatively new to 
       singing, have had ongoing instruction, or are looking to 
       break into the music industry, Singing Exercises For 
       Dummies has you covered 
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