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100 1  Quayson, Ato 
245 12 A Companion to Diaspora and Transnationalism 
250    1st ed 
264  1 Chicester :|bJohn Wiley & Sons, Incorporated,|c2013 
264  4 |c©2013 
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490 1  Blackwell Companions in Cultural Studies ;|vv.36 
505 0  Cover -- Title page -- Copyright page -- Contents -- Notes
       on Contributors -- Chapter 1: Introduction - Diaspora and 
       Transnationalism: Scapes, Scales, and Scopes -- Conceptual
       Categories -- The Study of Diasporas and Diaspora Studies 
       -- Dispersals and Transnationalism -- Transnationalism and
       the Question of the Nation-State -- Nostalgia, Moral 
       Imagination, and Ethics -- Organization of the Book -- 
       Acknowledgments -- References -- Part I: Transnationalism 
       and Diaspora through the Disciplines -- Chapter 2: The 
       Anthropology of Transnationalism and Diaspora -- The 
       "Trans-" and the "Nation" of Anthropology -- Rethinking 
       Cultural Difference through Multiple Connections -- 
       Disentangling Transnationalism from Globalization -- 
       Diaspora and Transnationalism -- Diasporas, Homeland, and 
       Place-Making -- Citizenship and Political Subjectivity -- 
       Refugees and Asylum-Seekers -- Traveling Suitcase Trade --
       The Home and Transnational Kinship -- Transnational 
       Religions and Religious Diasporas -- Conclusion -- 
       Acknowledgments -- References -- Chapter 3: Communication 
       and Media Studies -- Historical Tectonics -- Costs of 
       Representation -- Demographies of the New Media -- 
       References -- Chapter 4: Diaspora, Transnationalism, and 
       Issues in Contemporary Politics -- Relating Diaspora and 
       Transnationalism to the Study of Politics -- Identity and 
       the Boundaries of Political Citizenship -- The Political 
       Mobilization of Diaspora and Transnational Groups -- 
       Transnational Groups as Non-State and Kin-State Political 
       Actors -- Globalization, Political Community, and Emerging
       Cosmopolitan Identities -- References -- Chapter 5: 
       Diaspora and Transnationalism in Urban Studies -- Diaspora,
       Transnationalism, and Urban Studies -- Transnationalism 
       from Above and Below -- Transnational Urbanism -- Cities 
       as Places of Origin/Departure -- Cities as Places of 
505 8  Cities as Places of "Return" -- Cities as Places of 
       Transit/Life-Cycle Cities -- Translocal Cities -- Material,
       Visual, and Embodied Spaces of Translocal Cities -- 
       Conclusions: An Urban Diaspora? -- References -- Chapter 6
       : Migration and Transnational Studies: Between 
       Simultaneity and Rupture -- Introduction: "You Can Never 
       Return Home" -- Pakistani Myths of Return and Arrival -- 
       Virtuous Citizens and Mediated Ruptures: Virtual Illusios 
       of the Social Field -- Migration "Guilt" and "Shame," 
       "Pity" and "Sacrifice" -- Transnational Migration as a 
       Cultural Movement: Aesthetics, Ritual, and Moral 
       Inscriptions -- Conclusion: Towards a Critical 
       Transnationalism -- References -- Chapter 7: Religion, 
       Religions, and Diaspora -- Religion, Diaspora 
       Consciousness, and the Reinvention of Tradition -- 
       Religious Organizations, Ethnic Distinctiveness, and 
       Hostland Incorporation -- Transnational Migrants and the 
       Global Circulation of Religions -- Re-Mapping Diasporic 
       and Transnational Religion: A Locative Approach -- Some 
       Future Developments -- References -- Chapter 8: 
       Postcolonialism and the Diasporic Imaginary -- 
       Methodological Nationalism and the Challenge of Mobility -
       - Colonial Space-Making and Its Impact on Diasporas -- The
       Diasporic Imaginary -- The Same Difference? Postcolonial 
       and Diasporic Literatures -- Acknowledgment -- References 
       -- Part II: Backgrounds and Perspectives -- Chapter 9: 
       Slavery, Indentured Labor, and the Making of a 
       Transnational World -- Introduction -- African Slavery in 
       an Age of Modernity -- Revolution, Nationalism, and 
       Emancipation -- British Abolition of the Slave Trade and 
       the Transition to Indentured Labor -- Conclusion -- 
       References -- Chapter 10: When the Diaspora Returns Home: 
       Ambivalent Encounters with the Ethnic Homeland -- 
       Introduction: The Return of the Diaspora -- The Causes of 
       Diasporic Return 
505 8  Economic motives and ethnic return migration -- 
       Transnational ethnic ties and diasporic return -- 
       Ambivalent Homecomings: Ethnic and Socioeconomic 
       Marginalization in the Ancestral Homeland -- Ethnic 
       exclusion: Diasporic returnees as cultural foreigners -- 
       Socioeconomic marginalization: Dealing with degrading 
       immigrant jobs -- Ethnic Return Migration from the First 
       World: A More Positive Homecoming? -- Diasporic Return and
       Ethnic Identity -- From transnational affinity to 
       deterritorialized nationalism -- Non-nationalist, 
       diasporic identities -- Transnational identifications -- 
       Ethnic Return Migration, Immigrant Settlement, and the 
       Changing Meanings of Home and Homeland -- References -- 
       Chapter 11: Interracial Sex and the Making of Empire -- 
       Common Threads/Divergent Patterns -- The raced and 
       gendered configuration of interracial sexual relationships
       -- Conquest/early settler colonization -- Trade, company 
       rule, and late formal colonialism -- References -- Chapter
       12: Istanbul as a Cosmopolitan City: Myths and Realities -
       - Prologue: The Birth Pangs of Levantine Cosmopolitanism -
       - The Slippery Grounds of Cosmopolitanism and 
       Transnationalism -- The Search for Ottoman Cosmopolitanism
       -- The Nineteenth Century -- Levantine Cosmopolitanism: A 
       Flexible Praxis -- Epilogue: The Destruction and 
       Reinvention of Cosmopolitanism -- References -- Part III: 
       The Aesthetics of Transnationalism and Diaspora -- Chapter
       13: The Anxieties of "New" Indian Modernity: Globalization,
       Diaspora, and Bollywood -- Diasporic Doubling and Death in
       Hindi Cinema -- How King Khan Conquered Bollywood and the 
       Diaspora -- "New" Bollywood and NRI 2.0 -- Chapter 14: 
       West African Video-Movies and Their Transnational 
       Imaginaries -- Modes of Production -- Imaginary Travel and
       Virtual Tourism -- Conclusion -- References 
505 8  Chapter 15: The European Salsa Congress: Music and Dance 
       in Transnational Circuits -- From the Barrio to the 
       Congress: Salsa in a Transnationalizing World -- Surviving
       History through Dance: Deep Vectors of Transnationalism --
       Neither Latinidad nor Cubanidad: Salsa and a New European 
       Cosmopolitanism -- Evolving Transnationalism at the Berlin
       Salsa Congress -- South-(North)-South Encounters in the 
       Northern Congress -- Acknowledgments -- References -- Part
       IV: Overviews and Case Studies -- Chapter 16: Gender and 
       Identity in Oral Histories of Elderly Russian Jewish 
       Migrants in the United States and Canada -- Method -- 
       Context -- Findings -- One Can Count on a Colonel to Be on
       Time for a Prayer: Masculinity and Ethnic Identity -- A 
       Good Jewish Grandmother Never Goes to a Restaurant: 
       Perceptions of Femininity -- Gender and Elderly Russian 
       Jewish Migrants: Summary of Findings -- Acknowledgment -- 
       References -- Chapter 17: The Transnational Life of Cheese
       -- Introduction -- The Parochial Origins of Cheese -- All 
       That Is Local Melts into the Nation -- Cheese in Motion: 
       Qualification for the Transnational Sphere -- Slow Food, 
       Cheese!, and practices of qualification -- Anxiety and the
       education of "taste" -- Conclusion -- References -- 
       Chapter 18: Diaspora and Transnational Perspectives on 
       Remittances -- Situating Remittances: Trends, Theory, 
       Policy -- Exploring Remittance Behavior: An Economic 
       Approach -- More than Money: The Social Embedding of 
       Transnational Flows -- From "Shadow Households" to 
       "Superheroes": Migrants' Perspectives -- Temporal and 
       Spatial Dimensions: Reconsidering Conventional 
       Expectations? -- Comparative Contexts: Negotiating 
       Disparities -- Conclusion -- References -- Chapter 19: A 
       Diaspora Concept That Works: Tibetan Economy and Identity 
       in India and Canada -- Introduction -- Dawa (India) -- 
       Trinley (Canada) 
505 8  The Diaspora Concept and Studies of Tibetan Migration -- 
       Tibetans in India -- Tibetans in Canada -- Conclusion -- 
       References -- Chapter 20: Cell Phones and Transnationalism
       in Africa -- Introduction -- Understanding the Context for
       the Cell Phone Revolution in Africa -- Social Networks and
       Absent Presences in Transnational Circuits -- 
       Transnational Remittances and Entrepreneurship -- 
       Transnationalism and Glocalization of Politics -- 
       Conclusion -- References -- Chapter 21: Home-Making in the
       Diaspora: Bringing Palestine to London -- A Palestinian 
       Diaspora? -- What Is "Home"? -- A Family Reunited -- At 
       Home in the Café -- Making Palestine Visible -- Conclusion
       -- Acknowledgments -- References -- Chapter 22: Imagining 
       Transnational Futures in Vanuatu -- About Vanuatu -- The 
       Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) Scheme -- Case 1: What 
       Women Want -- Case 2: Transforming Masculinities -- 
       Conclusion: Changing the Conversation -- References -- 
       Chapter 23: Global Cities and Transnational Circulations: 
       Singapore and Hong Kong -- Introduction -- The Idea of a 
       Global City -- Transnational Flows: Singapore and Hong 
       Kong -- Transformation in Technologies, Media, and 
       Cultures -- References -- Chapter 24: Diaspora and 
       Discourse: The Contrapuntal Lives of Mexican Non-Migrants 
       -- Introduction -- A Tale of Two Mexicos: The Contrapuntal
       Lives of Non-Migrants -- Diasporic Home-building: Working-
       Class Mobility Dreamed and Deferred -- Diaspora at Home - 
       Rosario's Discourse -- Conclusion -- Acknowledgments -- 
       References -- Chapter 25: The Scales of Justice: 
       Reflections on Representation and Responsibility in a 
       Transnational Frame -- Viewer as Victim -- Guatemala's 
       Crucifixion -- Self-Recognition -- References -- Chapter 
       26: Greek Settler Communities in Central and South Asia, 
       323 bce to 10 ce -- Alexandria the Farthest -- The 
       Hellenistic Oikoumene 
505 8  The Graeco-Bactrian and Indo-Greek Kingdoms 
520    A Companion to Diaspora and Transnationalism offers a 
       ground-breaking combined discussion of the concepts of 
       diaspora and transnationalism. Newly commissioned essays 
       by leading scholars provide interdisciplinary perspectives
       that link together the concepts in new and important ways.
       A wide-ranging collection which reviews the most 
       significant developments  and provides valuable insights 
       into current key debates in transnational and diaspora 
       studies Contains newly commissioned essays by leading 
       scholars, which will both influence the field, and 
       stimulate further insight and discussion in the future 
       Provides interdisciplinary perspectives on diaspora and 
       transnationalism which link the two concepts in new and 
       important ways Combines theoretical discussion with 
       specific examples and case studies 
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