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100 1  Silva, Rui Vinhas da 
245 10 Competitiveness in the Real Economy :|bValue Aggregation, 
       Economics and Management in the Provision of Goods and 
250    1st ed 
264  1 Abingdon :|bTaylor & Francis Group,|c2013 
264  4 |c©2013 
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505 0  Cover -- Contents -- List of Figures -- List of Tables -- 
       About the Author -- Preface -- 1 Is It Only about Working 
       Harder? … or the Other Side of GDP -- 2 Productivity, 
       Value Aggregation and National Competitiveness -- 3 
       Workers, Entrepreneurs and Productivity -- 4  Country 
       Reputation, Productivity and National Competitiveness -- 5
       On Leadership, Entrepreneurial Spirit and the Search for 
       Sustainable Competitive Advantages -- 6 From Popper to 
       Soros and the Downfall of Economics -- 7 Rationality vs. 
       Emotion: Funny Tasting Coke in the Land of Georges Remi 
       (Hergé) -- 8 Bernanke and an Urgent Need for a Paradigm 
       Shift -- 9 Bernie Ebbers, WorldCom and Other Corporate 
       Tragic Comedies -- 10 The Competitiveness of Nations in 
       the Twenty-first Century:  The Links between Exports, FDI 
       and National Competitiveness -- References -- Index 
520    Value aggregation to goods and services is unbelievably 
       important to the balance of trade of modern nations, yet 
       it receives minute attention by economists and policy-
       makers alike.   In Competitiveness in the Real Economy, 
       Rui Vinhas da Silva shows that the nature and dynamics of 
       contemporary global competition requires a sharper focus 
       on value aggregation. He provides a rounded, integrative 
       and multi-disciplinary perspective linking national 
       competitiveness, economics and management. The emphasis is
       on a transversal philosophy of value aggregation as a key 
       driver of national competitiveness across sectors in the 
       real economy and from production to the consumption of 
       goods and services.  The links between exports, inflows of
       foreign direct investment (FDI) and country 
       competitiveness are examined along with the role of 
       exports and the attraction of FDI inflows in building 
       national GDP. The author emphasises that culture, the 
       notion of being cosmopolitan and understanding 
       aspirational and discriminatory consumers with high 
       disposable income are key drivers of success in the global
       economy.   Acknowledging that the complexity of problems 
       comes from diversity of global actors, the author 
       highlights the limitations of current economics in 
       responding to contemporary challenges. His concern about 
       the management sciences and management learning is that 
       solutions do not lie in the formulation and prescription 
       of universal laws, but are contextually-laden and derive 
       from an informed intuition that is partly taught and 
       partly experiential. The book addresses the implications 
       of all this for how the management skills needed for 
       competitive advantage might best be developed 
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776 08 |iPrint version:|aSilva, Rui Vinhas da|tCompetitiveness in
       the Real Economy : Value Aggregation, Economics and 
       Management in the Provision of Goods and Services
       |dAbingdon : Taylor & Francis Group,c2013|z9781409461227 
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