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245 10 Calculus simplified /|cOscar Fernandez 
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504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 0  Calculus simplified -- Dedication -- Contents -- Preface -
       - To the Student -- To the Instructor -- Before You Begin 
       . . . -- 1. The Fast Track Introduction to Calculus -- 2. 
       Limits: How to Approach Indefinitely (and Thus Never 
       Arrive) -- 3. Derivatives: Change, Quantified -- 4. 
       Applications of Differentiation -- 5. Integration: Adding 
       Up Change -- Epilogue -- Acknowledgments -- Appendix A: 
       Review of Algebra and Geometry -- Appendix B: Review of 
       Functions -- Appendix C: Additional Applied Examples -- 
       Answers to Appendix and Chapter Exercises -- Bibliography 
       -- Index of Applications -- Index of Subjects 
520    An accessible, streamlined, and user-friendly approach to 
       calculus  Calculus is a beautiful subject that most of us 
       learn from professors, textbooks, or supplementary texts. 
       Each of these resources has strengths but also weaknesses.
       In Calculus Simplified, Oscar Fernandez combines the 
       strengths and omits the weaknesses, resulting in a 
       "Goldilocks approach" to learning calculus: just the right
       level of detail, the right depth of insights, and the 
       flexibility to customize your calculus adventure.  
       Fernandez begins by offering an intuitive introduction to 
       the three key ideas in calculus-limits, derivatives, and 
       integrals. The mathematical details of each of these 
       pillars of calculus are then covered in subsequent 
       chapters, which are organized into mini-lessons on topics 
       found in a college-level calculus course. Each mini-lesson
       focuses first on developing the intuition behind calculus 
       and then on conceptual and computational mastery. Nearly 
       200 solved examples and more than 300 exercises allow for 
       ample opportunities to practice calculus. And additional 
       resources-including video tutorials and interactive graphs
       -are available on the book’s website.  Calculus Simplified
       also gives you the option of personalizing your calculus 
       journey. For example, you can learn all of calculus with 
       zero knowledge of exponential, logarithmic, and 
       trigonometric functions-these are discussed at the end of 
       each mini-lesson. You can also opt for a more in-depth 
       understanding of topics-chapter appendices provide 
       additional insights and detail. Finally, an additional 
       appendix explores more in-depth real-world applications of
       calculus.  Learning calculus should be an exciting voyage,
       not a daunting task. Calculus Simplified gives you the 
       freedom to choose your calculus experience, and the right 
       support to help you conquer the subject with confidence.  
       · An accessible, intuitive introduction to first-semester
       calculus · Nearly 200 solved problems and more than 300 
       exercises (all with answers) · No prior knowledge of 
       exponential, logarithmic, or trigonometric functions 
       required · Additional online resources-video tutorials 
       and supplementary exercises-provided 
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