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240 10 Genpatsu to Katsudanso.|lEnglish 
245 10 Active faults and nuclear regulation :|bbackground to 
       requirement enforcement in Japan /|cby Yasuhiro Suzuki 
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505 0  The active fault problem in relation to nuclear power 
       plants: current issues -- Reasons why the threat of active
       faults has been neglected in Japan -- Actual cases in 
       which active faults were underrated -- Active fault 
       surveys at nuclear power plant sites: Actions taken by the
       NRA and their impact -- How should we move forward? New 
       regulatory requirement and frameworks 
520    This book reviews the active faults around nuclear power 
       plants in Japan and recommends an optimal method of 
       nuclear power regulation controlled by the Nuclear 
       Regulation Authority of Japan. The active faults around 
       nuclear power plants have been underestimated in Japan 
       since the latter half of the 20th century. However, based 
       on the lessons learned from the Fukushima nuclear power 
       plant accident, the book sheds light on why the risks of 
       active faults were underestimated, and discusses the 
       optimal scientific method of assessing those risks. 
       Further, the author shares his experiences in the new 
       standard for nuclear regulation creation team and in the 
       active fault survey at the Nuclear Regulation Authority of
       Japan. This book is a valuable resource for students, 
       researchers, academic and policy-makers, as well as non-
       experts interested in nuclear safety 
650  0 Nuclear power plants|xLaw and legislation|zJapan 
650  0 Nuclear power plants|xAccidents|xGovernment policy 
650 14 Geophysics/Geodesy 
650 24 Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk 
650 24 Nuclear Energy 
650 24 Natural Hazards 
650 24 Structural Geology 
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