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240 10 Zhongguo gu dai qi yue si xiang shi.|lEnglish 
245 14 The history of the contractual thoughts in Ancient China /
       |cby Yunsheng Liu 
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505 0  Archaeological Research on the Origin of Contracts -- Free
       Will and Lawfulness-Establishment and Related Issues -- 
       Private Contracts as Laws and Decrees-Validity and 
       Liabilities of Contract -- Being Reasonable: the Pivot of 
       Interests-Principles of Contract -- Desire-Humanity Base 
       of Contract and Increase of Contractual Rights 
520    This book explores the intellectual history of contract 
       law in ancient China by employing archaeological and 
       empirical methodologies. Divided into five chapters, it 
       begins by reviewing the origin of the contract in ancient 
       China, and analyzing its name, primary form, historical 
       premise and functions. The second chapter discusses free 
       will and lawfulness in the establishment of a contract, 
       offering insights into the impact of contracts on social 
       justice. In turn, the third chapter addresses the inner 
       core of the contract: validity and liability. This allows 
       readers at all levels to identify the similarities and 
       differences between contracts from different eras and 
       different parts of the world, which will also benefit 
       those pursuing comparative research in related fields. 
       Chapters four and five offer a philosophical exploration 
       of contract history in ancient China, and analyze key 
       aspects including human nature and ethical justice 
650  0 Contracts|zChina|xHistory 
650 14 Private International Law, International & Foreign Law, 
       Comparative Law 
650 24 Theories of Law, Philosophy of Law, Legal History 
650 24 History of China 
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