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245 00 Ritual and capital 
263    1912 
264  1 New York :|bBard Graduate Center ;|aBrooklyn, NY :
       |bWendy's Subway,|c2019 
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490 0  BGCX 
520    "Ritual and Capital is an expansive volume gathering a 
       range of voices, accounts, and contributions across 
       genres. The poems, essays, and artworks included in this 
       anthology explore the habits and practices formed to 
       subvert, subsist, and survive under capital. Is there 
       refuge in ritual? How might ritual practices endow objects
       and artifacts with qualities that resist their 
       assimilation within the market? What function can movement
       rituals have for embodying practices of healing and care? 
       How does ritual strengthen and solidify communities? In 
       what ways have ritual practices turned the landscape of 
       the everyday into a playground for consumption, where 
       ritual enables the reproduction of structures of capital? 
       What is the function of ritual as it challenges or 
       facilitates the activities of capital in everyday life on 
       global and local scales? Ritual and Capital was developed 
       to culminate a series of public readings organized by 
       Wendy's Subway as part of the non-profit organization's 
       Spring 2016 Reading Room residency at the Bard Graduate 
       Center. Co-published by the Bard Graduate Center and 
       Wendy's Subway, Ritual and Capital is the first title in 
       the BGCX series, a publication series designed to extend 
       the learning period around time-based programming so that 
       it may continue after the events themselves have ended. 
       Taking the spontaneous alchemy of conversation, 
       performance, and hands-on engagement as their starting 
       points, these experimental publishing projects provide 
       space for continued reflection and research in a form that
       is particularly inclusive of artists and makers. 
       Contributors include Jeff Alessandrelli and Amy Lawless, 
       Mitch Anzuoni, Justin Blinder, Catherine Chen, Jackie 
       Clark, DJ Ashtrae, Ted Dodson, Shou Jie Eng, Future Host, 
       Jeremy Hoevenaar, Mia Kang, Josef Kaplan, Rebecca Keith, 
       Matthew Kosinski, Krystal Languell, Matt Longabucco, 
       Cameron Quan Louie, Miranda Mellis, Feliz Lucia Molina, 
       Devin N. Morris, Laura Mullen, Sarah Passino, Daniel 
       Poppick, Judah Rubin, Danniel Schoonebeek, Cam Scott, 
       Shelby Shaw, Josh Silver, Maya Sisneros (with David Bowles,
       Rodney Gomez, Emmy Pérez, José Antonio Rodríguez, and 
       Veronica Sandoval aka Lady Mariposa), Eirik Steinhoff, 
       Celina Su, Takáts Márk, Deirtra Thompson, David Whelan, 
       Matthew Whitley, Rachael Guynn Wilson"--|cProvided by 
650  0 American Literature|y21st century 
710 2  Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts, 
       Design, and Culture,|eissuing body,|epublisher 
710 2  Wendy's Subway,|eissuing body,|epublisher 
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