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245 00 Smart services summit :|bsmart services supporting the new
       normal /|cedited by Shaun West, Jurg Meierhofer, Utpal 
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490 1  Progress in IS,|x2196-8713 
505 0  Digital servitization barriers of medical technology firms
       : an exploratory study -- Drone-basedWarehouse Inventory 
       Management with IoT for Perishables -- Capability of 
       Service Innovation - What SMEs can learn from Start-ups --
       Application Possibilities of Artificial Intelligence in a 
       Renewable Energy Platform -- The change from small and 
       medium-sized energy com-panies to an energy service 
       provider of smart value-added services -- Smart circular 
       economy value drivers: The role of the financial sector in
       stimulating smart regional inno-vation-driven growth -- 
       End-to-End Digital Twin Approach for Near-Real-Time 
       Decision Support Services -- Virtual Reality Extension for
       Digital Twins of Machine Tools -- Value creation with 
       digital twins in the end-of- lifecycle phase of smart 
       products: Applied data resources in academic literature --
       Coworking between Customers and Service divisions in the 
       B2B business - with a deeper focus on field service -- 
       Market segmentation of Industrial smart services: A Buyer-
       view of the relation between Value of data and Performance
       orientation -- Can Market Segmentation Support the 
       Creation of Digitally-Enabled Product-Service Systems? - A
       Semi-Systematic Literature Review -- Enable Service 
       Interaction and Value Co-Creation for Small and Medium-
       Sized Enterprises Through an Innovation-Method-Framework -
       - Actors' network analysis and bi-directional value 
       exchange matrix development for living labs: KTH Live-in-
       Lab case study -- Moving beyond manufacturing: Building a 
       Research Agenda for Servitizing Service Firms and 
       Ecosystems -- Methods supporting a shared servitization 
520    This book provides state-of-the-art descriptions of smart 
       service innovations in the industry, supported by novel 
       scientific approaches. It gathers findings and insights 
       presented at the fourth Smart Services Summit, held in 
       Zurich, Switzerland, in October 2021, which primarily 
       focused on how smart services have enabled companies to 
       adapt during and to the COVID-19 pandemic. The book 
       includes examples of remote and collaborative working that
       actively involve customers in service processes, requiring
       a change in mindset for more traditional firms. Moreover, 
       it explores how services can be delivered faster and more 
       affordable with the aid of new technologies and in 
       collaboration with the customers, leading to new value 
       propositions and business models and thus an evolution of 
       smart services. Given its scope, the book offers an 
       essential guide for practitioners and advanced students 
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650  0 Service industries|vCongresses 
650 14 Services 
650 24 IT in Business 
650 24 Industrial Management 
650 24 Innovation and Technology Management 
650 24 Operations Management 
650 24 Industrial and Production Engineering 
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