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100 1  Ahmad, Zainal Arifin 
245 10 X-Ray and Related Techniques :|bX-Ray and Related 
250    1st ed 
264  1 Durnten :|bTrans Tech Publications, Limited,|c2010 
264  4 |c©2011 
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490 1  Advanced Materials Research ;|vv.173 
505 0  Intro -- X-ray and Related Techniques -- Preface -- 
       Committees -- Table of Contents -- Evaluation of Static 
       Performance of Optoelectronic Semiconductor Devices under 
       X-Rays Irradiation -- Analysis of Mineralogical Component 
       of Palm Oil Fuel Ash with or without Unburned Carbon -- 
       The Effect of Sintering Temperature on Crystal Structure 
       and Microstructure of Pr0.67Ba0.33MnO3 Ceramic -- Effect 
       of Al2O3/ZrO2 Hybrid on the Fracture Toughness and 
       Flexural Properties of PMMA Denture Base -- Effect of 
       Fractional Precipitation on Quality of Nanostructured 
       Alumina Produced from Black Aluminium Dross Waste -- 
       Effect of Particle Sizes of Magnesium Oxide on Zirconia 
       Toughened Alumina Vickers Hardness -- Development of a 
       Simultaneous Elemental Analysis for Clay Minerals Using 
       EDXRF -- Structural Properties Studies of GaN on 6H-SiC by
       Means of X-Ray Diffraction Technique -- Effects of 
       Different Gloss Firing Temperature on the Crystallization 
       of Zinc-Based Crystal Glaze -- Hydrogenolysis of Glycerol 
       to Propanediols over Nano-Ru/C Catalyst with Ionic Liquid 
       Addition -- Characterization of Porous Anodic Aluminium 
       Oxide Film on Aluminium Templates Formed in Anodizing 
       Process -- Effects of Calcination Temperature on the Phase
       Formation and Microstructure of Barium Zinc Tantalate -- 
       Phase Analysis of Mechanically Alloyed In Situ Copper-
       Tungsten Carbide Composite -- Application of Small-Angle X
       -Ray Scattering to Predict Microfibril Angle in Acacia 
       mangium Wood -- X-Ray Powder Diffraction Study on the MgB2
       Superconductor Reacted with Nano-SiC: The Effects of 
       Sintering Temperature -- Heating Rate Effects on 
       Properties of Powder Metallurgy Fe-Cr-Al2O3 Composites -- 
       Growth of Cu-Zn5 and Cu5Zn8 Intermetallic Compounds in the
       Sn-9Zn/Cu Joint during Liquid State Aging 
505 8  Effect of La2O3 Additions on Microstructure, Morphology 
       and Pressure Sensing Behaviour of PZT Based Ceramics 
       Sintered in Al2O3 Environment -- The Effect of Water 
       Content on the Formation of TiO2 Nanotubes in Ethylene 
       Glycol -- Characterization of Co-Cr-Mo (F-75) Alloy 
       Produced by Solid State Sintering -- Formation of Titanium
       Carbide Reinforced Copper Matrix Composite by In Situ 
       Processing -- Formation of TiC-Reinforced Iron Based 
       Composite through Carbothermal Reduction of Hematite and 
       Anatase -- Stabilization of Magnetite Nano Iron Oxide with
       a Series of Novel Surfactants -- Characterization of 
       Fluoro-Doped Tin Oxide Films Prepared by Newly Approached 
       of Inkjet Printing Methods -- Effect of Ruthenium Metal 
       Precursors Supported on Bentonite in Hydrogenolysis 
       Glycerol -- New Silica Supported HClO4 as Efficient 
       Catalysts for Estolide Synthesis from Oleic Acid -- 
       Synthetic Hydrotalcite Prepared from Modified Combustion 
       Method Using Glucose as Fuel -- Effects of the Polyvinyl 
       Alcohol (PVA) on the Synthesis of Alumina Fibers through 
       Electrospinning Technique -- Selective Oxidation of 
       Glycerol over Titania Supported AuPd Bimetallic Catalysts 
       -- Crystallite Size of Chitosan Capped Zinc Sulfide 
       Nanoparticles Synthesized via Wet Chemical Route -- La-
       Doped CaCu3Ti4O12 Ceramics Sintered in Argon Environment -
       - Formation and Mechanistic Study of Self-Ordering ZrO2 
       Nanotubes by Anodic Oxidation -- Calcium Oxide as 
       Potential Catalyst for Gasification of Palm Oil Empty 
       Fruit Bunch to Produce Syngas -- Effect of pH on TiO2 
       Nanoparticles via Sol-Gel Method -- Rietveld Quantitative 
       Phase Analysis of Non-Stoichiometric Cordierite 
       Synthesised from Mainly Talc and Kaolin: Effect of 
       Sintering Temperature -- Characterization and Phase 
       Evolution of Cordierite Based Glass Synthesis from Pure 
       Oxide and Minerals -- Keywords Index -- Authors Index 
520    The 36 peer-reviewed papers cover mainly topics on X-ray 
       and related research.Review from Book News Inc.: Selected 
       and peer-reviewed from a June 2010 international 
       conference on Langkawi Island, Malaysia, 36 papers survey 
       how x-ray and similar imaging technologies are being used 
       in research and industry. The topics include analyzing the
       mineralogical component of palm oil fuel ash with or 
       without unburned carbon, the effect of different gloss 
       firing temperature on the crystallization of zinc-based 
       crystal glaze, forming a titanium carbide reinforced 
       copper matrix composite by an  process, synthetic 
       hydrotalcite prepared from a modified combustion method 
       using glucose as fuel, the formation and mechanistic study
       of self-ordering zirconium oxide nanotubes by anodic 
       oxidation, and the characterization and phase evolution of
       cordierite based glass synthesis from pure oxide and 
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650  0 X-rays -- Congresses.;X-rays -- Diffraction -- Congresses 
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700 1  Ahmad, Badrol 
700 1  Fauziah, Aziz Abdul Haji 
700 1  Ismail, Khairul Nizar 
700 1  Sulaiman, Meor Yusoff Meor 
700 1  Rejab, Nik Akmar 
700 1  Yarmo, Mohd Ambar 
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