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100 1  Asadoorian, Talin 
245 12 A Web-Based Resource for Addressing Attention Deficit/
       Hyperactivity Disorder in Elementary General Education 
300    97 p 
500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 73-
       08, Section: A, page:  
500    Adviser: Donald A. Wofford 
502    Thesis (Psy.D.)--Alliant International University, 2012 
520    Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a 
       prevalent condition effecting students in the general 
       education classroom.  Six of the most common behavioral 
       disruptions by ADHD students have been identified, 
       including distractibility, out of seat behaviors, 
       vocalization, inattention, incomplete work and defiance. 
       Teachers of these students are often unprepared to address
       these students' behavioral and academic needs. An 
       interactive website, www.classroomadhdsupport.com, was 
       developed to provide teachers with a convenient location 
       to easily access research-based interventions to implement
       with their students with ADHD. The website has listed 
       those disruptions with accompanying interventions for 
       each.  Expert reviewers provided feedback and suggestions 
       on the website's content and recommended interventions.  
       The website was presented to a group of elementary level 
       general education teachers representing one school 
       district for their input and evaluation. General education
       teachers found the website to be useful and easy to 
       navigate.  It addressed some of the issues that general 
       educators face in having students with ADHD in their 
       classroom. Students with ADHD will have better trained 
       teachers who will have a resource that addresses the 
       students' specific needs.  Information about this new 
       resource will be distributed to teachers, school 
       psychologists and other school personnel through 
       professional associations such as the National Education 
       Association, National School Psychology Association and 
       the American Association of School Administrators 
520    Keywords: ADHD, general education, elementary, behavior, 
       interventions, website 
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