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100 1  Anderson, Bonnie S 
245 12 A history of their own :|bwomen in Europe from prehistory 
       to the present /|cBonnie S. Anderson, Judith P. Zinsser 
250    1st Perennial Library ed 
260    New York :|bPerennial Library,|c1989 
300    2 volumes (xxiii, 591; xix, 572 pages) :|billustrations ;
       |c21 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
500    Includes indexes 
500    Originally published: New York : Harper & Row, ©1988 
504    Includes bibliographical references (v. 1, pages 531-552; 
       v. 2, p. 509-534) 
505 0  |gVolume 1. Part I.|tTraditions inherited : attitudes 
       about women from the centuries before 800 A.D.:|tBuried 
       traditions : the question of origins --|tInherited 
       traditions : the principal influences --|tTraditions 
       subordinating women --|tTraditions empowering women --
       |tThe effects of Christianity. --|gPart II.|tWomen of the 
       fields : sustaining the generations:|tThe constants of the
       peasant women's world : the Ninth to the Twentieth 
       Centuries --|tSustaining the generations --|tThe 
       extraordinary --|tWhat remains of the peasant woman's 
       world. --|tPart III.|tWomen of the churches : the power of
       the faithful:|tThe patterns of power and limitation : the 
       Tenth to the Seventeenth Centuries --|tAuthority within 
       the institutional church --|tAuthority outside the 
       institutional church --|tAuthority given and taken away : 
       the protestant and Catholic reformations --|tTraditional 
       images redrawn --|tThe legacy of the protestant 
       reformation. --|gPart IV.|tWomen of the castles and manors
       : custodians of land and lineage:|tFrom warrior's wife to 
       noblewoman : the Ninth to the Seventeenth centuries --
       |tConstants of the noblewoman's life --|tPower and 
       vulnerability --|tThe new flowering of ancient traditions.
       --|gPart V.|tWomen of the walled towns : providers and 
       partners:|tThe townswoman's daily life : the Twelfth to 
       the Seventeenth Centuries --|tDangers and remedies --|tThe
       world of commercial capitalism : the Thirteenth to the 
       Seventeenth Centuries --|tThe invisible and visible bonds 
       of misogyny 
505 0  |gVolume 2. Part VI.|tWomen of the courts : rulers, 
       patrons, and attendants:|tThe world of absolute Monarchs 
       from the Fifteenth to the Eighteenth Centuries --|tThe 
       life of the courtier --|tThe traditional life in a grand 
       setting : wife and Queen Consort --|tWomen rulers --|tNew 
       opportunities --|tThe legacies of renaissance humanism and
       the scientific revolution. --|gPart VII.|tWomen of the 
       salons and parlors : ladies, housewives, and professionals
       :|tWomen in the salons --|tWomen in the parlors --
       |tLeaving the parlors --|tOpportunities and limits : 
       change and tradition in the Twentieth Century. --|gPart 
       VIII.|tWomen of the cities : mothers, workers, and 
       revolutionaries --|tFamily life --|tEarning income --
       |tRevolutions and reforms --|tContinuity and change : 
       women in World War II and after. --|gPart IX.|tTraditions 
       rejected : a history of feminism in Europe:|tFeminism in 
       Europe --|tAsserting women's humanity : early European 
       feminists --|tAsserting women's legal and political 
       equality : equal rights movements in Europe --|tFeminist 
       socialism in Europe --|tThe women's liberation movement 
520    Women's history from prehistoric times to the present, 
       focusing on the developments, achievements, and changes in
       women's roles in society, organized within a loose 
       chronology with chapters focusing on women's place and 
       function in society. Topics include the roles of female 
       monarchs and women of the court, the application of the 
       new tools of the Scientific Revolution to prove 
       traditional views of women, the salons and parlors of the 
       eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and wealthy women's 
       contributions to the arts and social services, the impact 
       of city-living and the Industrial Revolution on women's 
       roles and family life, and the emergence, evolution, and 
       impact of the modern feminist movement 
650  0 Women|zEurope|xHistory 
650  0 Feminism|zEurope|xHistory 
700 1  Zinsser, Judith P 
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