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100 1  Anderson, Elizabeth Jean 
245 10 Remediation or enrichment? More than semantics: An 
       intervention designed for adolescent girls diagnosed with 
       learning disabilities 
300    349 p 
500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 65-
       09, Section: A, page: 3311 
500    Chair: Lily Wong Fillmore 
502    Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of California, Berkeley, 2004 
520    This three-year ethnographic study examines the 
       experiences of 23 girls who had been placed in special 
       education settings for most of their school lives with 
       diagnoses of learning disabilities or emotional 
       disturbance. The study traces their educational careers 
       from kindergarten through high school, where they were 
       identified as the students most likely to fail out of the 
       entire student body. In the process, it examines both the 
       initial triggers that caused the students to be removed 
       from the mainstream setting, and the role the educational 
       system played in reifying identified disabilities, because
       of assumptions about ethnic backgrounds, gender, language 
       learning, and behaviors conducive to school success. In 
       turn, it looks at how the low expectations of school 
       personnel, which followed the students' special education 
       placements, served to limit growth and learning in what 
       became a vicious, and seemingly inescapable, cycle 
520    The second half of the dissertation describes how a 
       program was created, drawing on Lily Wong Fillmore's work 
       on the social nature of language learning, and Marian 
       Diamond's work on the role of environment in cortical 
       growth, to explore whether it would be possible to give 
       such students a "jumpstart" which would allow them to 
       reconnect to educational success. The focus of the program
       was on "enrichment" rather than "remediation" per se. The 
       girls' experiences, which culminated in five students 
       enrolling in a community college class, are presented and 
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650  4 Education, Language and Literature 
650  4 Education, Special 
650  4 Education, Teacher Training 
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710 20 University of California, Berkeley 
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