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Author Anderson, Drew Louis
Title Vitis riparia phytochrome E expression differs with tissue type and age
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Note Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 48-06, page: 3476
Adviser: Anne Fennell
Thesis (M.S.)--South Dakota State University, 2009
Phytochromes are essential controllers in various light responsive plant processes including dormancy induction and cold hardiness responses. While phytochrome A (PHYA) and B (PHYB) are well studied, less is known about other family members. This study characterized phytochrome E (PHYE) in the photoperiod responsive and cold hardy species Vitis riparia. PHYE, closely related phylogenetically to PHYB and phytochrome D, has been shown to play a role in the shade avoidance syndrome, resulting in increased apical dominance, stem elongation and altered flowering time. The naturally occurring levels of PHYE and their role in development have not yet been examined in grapevines. Thus, the PHYE genomic sequence was aquired and compared with other phytochromes to determine their relationships. PHYE expression was measured by Real-Time PCR in shoot tip, leaf, node, internode, tendril and root at various tissue maturity levels to study the possible effect PHYE has on the vine. PHYE showed higher abundance in photosynthetically active tissues than in roots. The expression levels of PHYE in shoot tissues corresponded with the age of the tissue collected. PHYE was found to have significantly lower expression levels in the youngest sample versus the oldest within a tissue type. PHYE appears to be a negative regulator of growth and development. In Arabidopsis thaliana PHYE deletion mutants, the lack of PHYE contributed to a shade avoidance phenotype through greater stem elongation and faster flowering. In accordance with this, the grapevine showed higher levels of PHYE expression in older non-expanding tissues, and lower levels of PHYE expression in young rapidly growing tissues
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Host Item Masters Abstracts International 48-06
Subject Biology, Botany
Biology, Genetics
Agriculture, Horticulture
Alt Author South Dakota State University
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