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Author Arnold, Jessalyn L
Title Defining the balance-supportive supervisor: The antecedents, actions, and outcomes of supervisor support for employee work-nonwork balance
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Note Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 71-09, Section: B, page: 5771
Adviser: James Breaugh
Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of Missouri - Saint Louis, 2010
Work-nonwork conflict remains a crucial concern for both employees struggling to balance work and non-work roles (Bond, Thompson, Galinsky, & Prottas, 2002) and companies seeking to enhance their ability to attract, retain, and leverage talent (De Janasz & Behson, 2007; Towers & Perrin, 2006). Research has demonstrated that factors such as supervisor support for work-nonwork balance can reduce employees' experience of work-nonwork conflict. Few studies, however, have investigated the individual characteristics of supervisors who are most likely to provide work-nonwork support. This study extends previous research by investigating the relationships between supervisors' identity salience, work-nonwork support attitudes, and perceptions of worknonwork support instrumentality (effectiveness) and the provision of two types of social support for work-nonwork balance: instrumental support and emotional support. Analyses were conducted using multiple regression, correlation and one-way ANOVA procedures. Results did not indicate that supervisors with more positive attitudes towards supervisor work-nonwork support are perceived by employees as demonstrating higher levels of instrumental and emotional work-nonwork support. No mediation effects were found for supervisor perceptions of instrumental and emotional support's effectiveness in reducing employee work-nonwork conflict. Finally, results did not indicate that supervisors with a dual-centric identity are perceived by employees as demonstrating higher levels of instrumental and emotional work-nonwork support. Implications for future research are discussed
School code: 0481
Host Item Dissertation Abstracts International 71-09B
Subject Business Administration, Management
Psychology, General
Sociology, Industrial and Labor Relations
Alt Author University of Missouri - Saint Louis. Psychology
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