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245 10 Interfaith education for all :|btheoretical perspectives 
       and best practices for transformative action /|cby Duncan 
       R. Wielzen, Ina Ter Avest 
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520    Living together in the midst of diversity is an issue of 
       pivotal importance all over the world, in particular for 
       people involved in the education of the younger 
       generation. The search intended in this publication is to 
       find the means to go beyond mere tolerance of differences.
       Education as envisioned in this book engages learners in 
       active citizenship and enables pupils and students - young
       people - to transform their social environment. Learning 
       about the other, and - to a certain extent - appreciating 
       the other's perspective, together with acquiring 
       dialogical skills are key elements for learning to live 
       together with people from different cultural backgrounds 
       and with diverse religious and secular worldviews. Hence, 
       faith development, dialogicality and citizenship are 
       central themes in this publication. This book brings 
       together the latest insights and 'best practices' 
       available in the fields of religious education from around
       the world, which are reflected upon by distinguished 
       scholars in the field. The input provided by the three 
       parts of this book will give every educator further food 
       for thought, be it in the classroom, at home or in leisure
       activities. The diversity approach of this book is 
       mirrored in the composition of the team of editors. Duncan
       Wielzen is a theologian with research interest in 
       religious education in plural societies; Ina Ter Avest is 
       a psychologist with a focus on the intersectionality of 
       psychology, culture and religion. The focus of both 
       editors is on (inter)faith education, its implication and 
       further development 
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