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Author Bale, Hrishikesh
Title Polychromatic micro x-ray beam strain analysis of aluminum sapphire composite
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Descript 90 p
Note Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 44-04, page: 1957
Adviser: Jay C. Hanan
Thesis (M.S.)--Oklahoma State University, 2006
Scope and methodology of study. The results of an experimental technique with an advanced procedure to measure strains using polychromatic X-rays are presented. The experimental technique is based on the Laue method of diffraction, which utilizes polychromatic X-rays. By illuminating a definite volume of a composite sample consisting of an aluminum matrix A356 and single crystal sapphire fiber, the strain distribution throughout the matrix and fiber is studied. An advantage of using polychromatic X-rays, over that of the monochromatic X-ray beam, is that the diffraction patterns are obtained from nearly all of grains as compared to the small fraction observed typically with monochromatic X-rays
Findings and conclusions. The technique proves to be successful in measuring the residual strains and the strain response to applied stress with an accuracy of 200 micro-strains. Using diffraction patterns from the composite at multiple axial load situations, change in strains is obtained. Strain maps obtained from this technique prove to be helpful in demonstrating the actual grain morphology in 2D and the respective strain states in the form of strain contours for every individual grain. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)
School code: 0664
Host Item Masters Abstracts International 44-04
Subject Engineering, Mechanical
Engineering, Materials Science
Alt Author Oklahoma State University
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