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100 1  Bandera, Eric 
245 10 Reflections 
300    83 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 45-02, 
       page: 0519 
500    Adviser: Frank Stemper 
502    Thesis (M.M.)--Southern Illinois University at Carbondale,
520    Reflections is a three-movement instrumental composition 
       for full orchestra. Employing standard instrumental 
       combinations of the orchestra, this composition is 
       neoclassic in many ways. The creative uniqueness comes 
       from combining elements of earlier compositional styles to
       create something new and different. In particular, 
       compositional forms and devices taken from contrasting 
       eras of music are juxtaposed to create something unlike 
       any of the constituent styles 
520    There are various harmonic schemes that play important 
       roles throughout the duration of the three movements. 
       These harmonic schemes help to provide homogeneity between
       the three movements and also provide thematic artistic 
       congruency. The harmonies are also used to create and 
       evade anticipation, usually to the end of a formal section
       or entire movement. By combining unlike elements on both 
       stylistic and harmonic levels, this piece achieves its own
       voice through the juxtaposition of ideas 
590    School code: 0209 
590    DDC 
650  4 Music 
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710 2  Southern Illinois University at Carbondale 
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