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100 1  Bandy, Carol Diahann 
245 10 Architecture that embodies the symbolic nature of good 
       leadership and promotes productive collaboration between 
       women's international organizations. WILL: Women's 
       International Leadership League 
300    88 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 43-03, 
       page: 0637 
500    Chair: Roger K. Lewis 
502    Thesis (M.Arch.)--University of Maryland, College Park, 
520    Women provide leadership toward economic, political, and 
       social advancements in the world. In order to consolidate 
       their efforts under one roof, and promote leadership 
       activities of the many women's international organizations,
       the US Government has authorized funding for the design 
       and construction of a building that serves as a center for
       women's leadership internationally. The project proposed 
       herein provides such a facility and is hereafter referred 
       to as WILL, the Women's International Leadership League. 
       Through architectural and urban relationships, the center 
       embodies the symbolic nature and traits of good leadership
       and promotes the productive collaboration of women's 
       international organizations as they focus their attentions
       to global problems and solutions 
590    School code: 0117 
590    DDC 
650  4 Architecture 
650  4 Women's Studies 
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690    0453 
710 20 University of Maryland, College Park 
773 0  |tMasters Abstracts International|g43-03 
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