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100 1  Bartholomew, William,|cvicar of Campden 
245 14 The strong man ejected by a stronger then he.|h[electronic
       resource] :|bIn a sermon preached at Gloucester, the 15th 
       of May, 1660. Being the day his Royal Majesty, King 
       Charles the second, was proclaimed. Shewing, how the 
       strong man Satan is cast out of the palace of the heart, 
       and the Lord Christ possessed thereof. With some 
       application to the present ejectment of the late usurper, 
       Satans confederate, out of the royal palace, and the Lords
       Christ, King Charles the-second possessed thereof.|cBy 
       Wil. Bartholmevv, M.A. and Vicar of Campden in Gloucester-
260    London :|bprinted by W. Godbid, for Richard Thrale at the 
       Crosse-Keyes, at St. Paul's Gate, entring into Cheapside,
300    [4], 27, [1] 
500    Running title: The strong man ejected by a stronger then 
500    Reproduction of the original in the British Library 
510 4  Wing (2nd ed., 1994)|cB979 
510 4  Thomason|cE.1033[3] 
533    Electronic reproduction.|bAnn Arbor, Mich. :|cUMI,|d1999-
       |f(Early English books online)|nDigital version of: 
       (Thomason Tracts ; 153:E1033[3])|7s1999    miun s 
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600 00 Charles|bII,|cKing of England,|d1630-1685|vEarly works to 
650  0 Sermons, English|y17th century 
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