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100 1  Beevers, Suzanne 
245 10 Pre-Dynastic Chinese imagery:  A basis for contemporary 
       quilt design 
300    55 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 44-01, 
       page: 0006 
500    Adviser:  Crystal Scriber 
502    Thesis (M.A.)--State University of New York Empire State 
       College, 2005 
520    Decorative motifs common to Pre-Dynastic China can be used
       to develop contemporary quilts. Three Eras, each of which 
       has substantial cultural variations are discussed in 
       depth. Neolithic China (5000--1900 BCE) a period of 
       cultural development and jade working cultures, Early 
       Bronze Age China, the Erlitou and Shang cultures (20th--
       11th century BCE), a time of early religious belief, the 
       development of ritual bronze vessels and accompanying 
       decorative imagery, and Zhou China (11 th--3rd century 
       BCE) a period of political upheaval. The influence of 
       invading Northern Tribes, and the Southern Cultures have a
       significant effect on the decorative imagery of the period
520    Two images in particular are used in each quilt bi and  
       leiwen. These images are prevalent on early Chinese 
       artifacts, although the meaning of these motifs altered 
       subtly as the cultures evolved. They are incorporated into
       three quilts, which portray three distinctly different 
       events in my life: "Skiing by Moonlight", "Autumn: Evening
       Walk", and "Cycles" 
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650  4 Art History 
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710 20 State University of New York Empire State College 
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