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Title United Nations Conference on the Application of Science and Technology for the Benefit of the Less Developed Areas papers. H-H.1
Imprint Geneva : United Nations, 1963
 Modern History Library  A 338.91 U58u  H-H.1    AVAILABLE    30550100418852
 Agenda item: H 
 E/CONF.39/H/1Simple devices for development planning / Jan Tinbergen 
 E/CONF.39/H/7Planning in an import: sensitive economy / Ignacy Sachs 
 E/CONF.39/H/11The problems of planning economic growth in the developing countries / Jozsef Bognar 
 E/CONF.39/H/12Outline of a method of constructing a perspective plan based on polish experience / Michal Kalecki 
 E/CONF.39/H/19Planning procedure in India / S.R. Sen 
 E/CONF.39/H/21Values and relationships in development planning and programming / Louis-Joseph Lebret 
 E/CONF.39/H/22Planning and programming of joint sector project / Evgeni Mateyev 
 E/CONF.39/H/23Prerequisites and principles of planned economic management / Matejka Ladislav 
 E/CONF.39/H/24Planning in Syria / S. Mazloum, Y. Helbaoui 
 E/CONF.39/H/29French planning: present situation and future outlook / Pierre Masse 
 E/CONF.39/H/43State sector and industrialisation priorities in developing countries / A.I. Levkovsky 
 E/CONF.39/H/48Correlation of proportions and rates of development of various branches in the process of industrialization / Roman Moldovan 
 E/CONF.39/GR.55(H)Organization, planning and programming for economic development: report of the Conference Secretary-General 
 E/CONF.39/H/64Organization and planning of the material and technical supply and sale in national economy / Efraim Lokshin 
 E/CONF.39/H/75Some aspects of the strategy of development planning, centralization vs. decentralization / Edward S. Mason 
 E/CONF.39/H/93Indicative planning in countries in course of development / F. Perroux 
 Agenda item: H.1 
 E/CONF.39/H/2Overall economic programming and regional development in Greece / John C. Piperoglou 
 E/CONF.39/H/4Input-output technics in Portugal / Joao M. Cruzeiro 
 E/CONF.39/H/5Use of inter-industries analysis in planning / K.S. Krishnaswamy 
 E/CONF.39/H/6Macroeconomic decision models with special emphasis on their applicability in less developed areas / Ragfnar Frisch 
 E/CONF.39/H/9Planning experience and economic development in Portugal / Rui Santos Martins 
 E/CONF.39/H/14The overall approach to economic planning / Erik Tornovist 
 E/CONF.39/H/20Research requirements and types of information needed for agricultural development planning / E.M. Ojala 
 E/CONF.39/H/25The impact of advances in statistical theory and modern technology on agricultural census methodology / C.P.G.J. Smit 
 E/CONF.39/H/26The forecast for employment in France / Jean Fourastie 
 E/CONF.39/H/31Regional development policy in Madagascar / General Planning Commission 
 E/CONF.39/H/33A system of planning in development countries / Jean-Louis Fyot 
 E/CONF.39/H/35Planning and development in the lebanon / Elias Gannage 
 E/CONF.39/H/37Statistical analysis of economic aggregates / M. Maldant, M. Lhuillier 
 E/CONF.39/H/38Methodology of planning for development in the U.A.R. / I.H. Abdel Rahman 
 E/CONF.39/H/39Use of a macroeconomic model of inter-industrial relations to simulate industrial expansion in Spain / J. Gil Pelaez 
 E/CONF.39/H/41Uses of statistical surveys in the evaluation of agricultural production in Africa / M.P. Soubie 
 E/CONF.39/GR.41(H)Statistics: report of the Conference Secretary-General 
 E/CONF.39/H/46Relationships among sectors and preferential development of certain selected sectors / Marie Vavrejnova 
 E/CONF.39/H/47Planning for the industrial development of underdeveloped regions (North Patagonia) / Alberto J. Zanetta 
 E/CONF.39/H/49Family budgets / J. Binet 
 E/CONF.39/GR.50(H)Methodology of planning for development. Regional planning: report of the Conference Secretary-General 
 E/CONF.39/H/54The badajoz plan / Enrique Martin Martin 
 E/CONF.39/H/55Complementarity between agricultural and industrial development / Rufus B. Hughes, Erven J. Long 
 E/CONF.39/H/57Western comprehensive planning technique for the development of under-developed countries, and possible improvements / Bruno Knall 
 E/CONF.39/H/59Some problems posed by the setting up of economic accounts in less developed countries / A.L. Chadeau 
 E/CONF.39/H/63Application of a quantitative economic analysis to the planning of regional development: an experiment in the Argentine Republic / Alberto Fracchia 
 E/CONF.39/H/65Planned development of industrial and agricultural regions / Karoly Perczel 
 E/CONF.39/H/66Key factors in proportional economic planning / G.M. Sorokin 
 E/CONF.39/H/68Planning as a continuing process / Kenneth R. Hansen 
 E/CONF.39/H/69The significance of budget planning in the development of the economy and culture of the National Republics of the U.S.S.R. / G.P. Kosyachenko 
 E/CONF.39/H/72Regional planning for the economic development of backward regions / P.M. Alampiyev 
 E/CONF.39/H/73A model of development alternatives / Hollis B. Chenery 
 E/CONF.39/H/81The use of accounting prices in planning / Gustav F. Papanek, Moeen A. Qureshi 
 E/CONF.39/H/84The position of interindustrial relations in Mexico / Fausto Urencio 
 E/CONF.39/H/85The problems of industrialisation of the less developed countries in relation to the rural areas 
 E/CONF.39/GR.86(H)Planning and programming: aggregate, sectoral, project, and the relationships and priorities among sectors: report of the Conference Secretary-General 
 E/CONF.39/H/87Criteria for decision-making in economic planning: the planning process and planning objectives in developing countries / Max F. Millikan 
 E/CONF.39/H/90Establishment of regional inventories for the development of the Republic of Cameroun / Roland Diziain 
 E/CONF.39/H/91Prospective study of multinatiional interdependence / Michel Courcier 
 E/CONF.39/H/95Organization and programming of economic development in Tunisia / Bahroun Sadok 
 E/CONF.39/H/97Some experiences from the Yugoslav system of planning / Borivoje Jelic 
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