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100 1  Lewis, A.E 
245 10 BIWIC 2007 14th International Workshop on Industrial 
       Crystallization :|b14th International Workshop on 
       Industrial Crystallization 
264  1 Amsterdam :|bIOS Press,|c2007 
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505 0  Title page -- Preface -- Contents -- Oral Presentations --
       Aspects of Chiral Resolution in the Presence of (Partial) 
       Solid Solutions -- In Situ Monitoring and Quantification 
       of Crystal Shape -- Adductive Crystallization of Bisphenol
       -A Under the Influence of Industrial Impurities -- 
       Crystallisation of Metronidazole in Semi-Solid 
       Formulations -- The Development of a Reverse Classical 
       Resolution -- Intensification of Precipitation Processes 
       in Environmental Engineering -- Polymorphism and 
       Nucleation Kinetics in Precipitation of Calcium Carbonate 
       in Water and Ethylene Glycol -- Polymorph Transformation 
       Monitoring Using In-Situ Vibrational Spectroscopy -- 
       Strategy to Improve the Shelf Life of Crystalline 
       Fertilizers -- Real-Time Dynamic Optimization of Crystal 
       Yield in Fed-Batch Evaporative Crystallization of Ammonium
       Sulphate -- Monitoring of Polymorph Transformation Using 
       In-Situ Measurement of Ultrasonic Velocity -- ZLD 
       Evaporation-Crystallization Plant in the Power Industry --
       Population Balance Equation Modeling of the Solution 
       Mediated Anhydrous to Monohydrate Phase Transition of 
       Citric Acid -- The Effect of Different Types of Seeds on 
       the Oxidation and Precipitation of Iron from Homogeneous 
       Solutions -- Design and Construction of an Industrial Melt
       Crystallization Plant for the Ultra-Purification of 
       Phosphoric Acid - A Case Study -- Layer Development and 
       Growth History of Polycrystalline Zeolite A Membranes 
       Synthesised from a Clear Solution -- Temperature 
       Dependence of the Solubility Product of Calcium Dodecyl 
       Sulfate and Modeling of the Phase Boundary -- Co-
       Crystallization of Carbamazepine and Isonicotinamide: Two 
       New Co-Crystal Forms? -- Poster Presentations -- Adductive
       Crystallization of Bisphenol-A Under the Influence of 
       Water and Acetone -- Interpretation of the Influence of 
       Additives on the MSZ Width of Inorganic Compounds 
505 8  Width of Metastable Zone in Adductive Crystallization of 
       Bisphenol A-Phenol -- The Onset of Polycrystalline Growth 
       in Precipitation of L-Glutamic Acid Compared to an 
       Aromatic Amine Derivative -- Separation of Zr and Hf via 
       Fractional Crystallization of K2Zr(Hf)F6: A Theoretical 
       Study on the Distribution Coefficient of the Hafnium 
       Impurity -- Additive Influence on the Metastable Zone 
       Width of Solvates -- Example of Suppression of Concomitant
       Polymorphism -- Precipitation Fluidized Bed Modeling Using
       CFD Approach: Hydrodynamic Behavior -- Preparation of 
       Iron(II) Acetate from Magnetite by Selective Precipitation
       -- Co-Solvent Effect on Growth Habit of ADNBF by a Cooling
       Crystallization -- The Application of Different Seeding 
       Techniques for Solution Crystallization of Ammonium 
       Sulphate -- Controlled Batch Cooling Crystallisation of 
       Gibbsite -- Precipitation Kinetics of Nickel in the 
       Presence of Iron -- Isothermal and Auto-Seeded Polythermal
       Preferential Crystallisation in the Mandelic Acid System -
       - Kinetics Estimation and Single and Multi-Objective 
       Optimization of a Seeded, Anti-Solvent, Isothermal Batch 
       Crystallizer -- Potential of Chiral Solvents for Chiral 
       Discrimination in Crystallization Processes -- In-Line 
       Monitoring of the Solvent-Mediated Phase Transition of 
       Citric Acid Using Raman Spectroscopy and Image Analysis --
       The TNO Hydraulic Wash Column: A Versatile Solid-Liquid 
       Separator for High Purity Products -- Crystallization of 
       Proteins by Solvent Freeze-Out -- Author Index -- Sponsors
520    The field of crystallization holds many challenges, with 
       the physical and chemical complexity of the 
       crystallization process being core to the dynamic nature 
       of the field. Exciting advances are currently being 
       achieved in the areas of nanoparticle formation, product 
       and particle design and methods of particle 
       characterisation. There is also significant progress and 
       innovation in the design, scale-up and control of 
       crystallizers. These key developments are reflected in the
       session themes of the 14th BIWIC (Bremen International 
       Workshop on Industrial Crystallization) with the technical
       programme incorporating a wide range of topics, such as; 
       The formation and stabilisation of nano particles; 
       Polymorphs and co-crystals in pharmaceutical preparation; 
       Product and particle design; Kinetics of crystallization 
       and measurement of crystal properties; Freeze, Antisolvent,
       Reactive and Melt crystallization; and Design, scale-up 
       and control of crystallization processes at the industrial
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650  0 Crystallization -- Industrial applications -- 
       Congresses.;Chemical engineering 
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700 1  Olsen, C 
700 1  Biwic 2007, 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aLewis, A.E.|tBIWIC 2007 14th 
       International Workshop on Industrial Crystallization : 
       14th International Workshop on Industrial Crystallization
       |dAmsterdam : IOS Press,c2007|z9781586037901 
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