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100 1  Bossing, William Peter 
245 10 Chorography:  Writing an American literature of place 
       (Henry David Thoreau, with Original writing) 
300    238 p 
500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 61-
       01, Section: A, page: 0178 
500    Chair:  G. Douglas Atkins 
502    Thesis (Ph.D.)--The University of Kansas, 1999 
520    A current trend in the writing of literary prose are 
       projects that seek to capture a specific landscape in 
       terms not only of geography but also of culture and of 
       personal experience. This "literature of place" seeks to 
       explore the interaction between human community and 
       environment by creating a kind of literary hybrid that 
       combines the traditions of the memoirist, the cultural 
       geographer, the literary scholar, and the nature writer. 
       This study seeks both to chronicle the development of this
       unique literary form and to present original creative 
       nonfiction that articulates its central themes. The goal 
       of this hybrid form of dissertation is to create a work 
       that is both "scholarly" in its identification and 
       description of this literature and "creative" in its 
       attempt to present new writing that exemplifies some of 
       the common themes and forms of this place-writing 
520    The scholarly component focuses on defining the tradition 
       of an American literature of place and on tracing its 
       development from the mid-nineteenth century to the 
       present. This study begins with a reading of Thoreau's  
       Walden as a cultural "call" for a literature of place. 
       This literary model, combining personal and natural 
       histories with philosophy and social criticism, has 
       enjoyed increasing influence in the late twentieth century,
       a period often described as "placeless" or "displaced" by 
       cultural critics. Also, this study explores contemporary 
       examples of this literature, arguing that we are 
       experiencing a renaissance of writing about place 
520    The creative writing component focuses on providing 
       examples of the more common themes and forms presented in 
       this literature of place. Although each of the pieces is 
       set in a distinctive location, they are all engaged with 
       the interaction between language and landscape. In this 
       sense, these pieces posit a theory of writing about place 
       while at the same time presenting different modes of 
       "chorography," or place-writing, ranging from the memoir 
       to travel writing to the nature essay. These pieces seek 
       to contribute to the current formation of a distinctive 
       literature of place while at the same time exploring the 
       cultural forces that contribute to its development 
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650  4 Literature, American 
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710 20 The University of Kansas 
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