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Author Yao, Yeong-Der
Title APPC 2000 : Proceedings of the 8th Asia-Pacific Physics Conference
Imprint Singapore : World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd, 2001
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Note Intro -- CONTENTS -- Preface -- PLENARY -- GaAs MOSFET - Materials Physics and Devices -- Implications of Results of Neutrino Mass Experiments -- Physical Properties of Ferroelectric Mixed Crystals -- The Zeno Effect and an Inter-layer Pairing Mechanism for High-Temperature Superconductivity in Layered Materials -- New Algorithms and the Statistical Physics of Protein Folding -- Relativistic Equation of State of Nuclear Matter for Supernova -- High Brightness Photon Beams for Extranuclear Research -- A Novel Optical Memory Effect Using Multiple Light Scattering -- Result from DONUT First Direct Evidence for Tau Neutrino -- APPLIED PHYSICS -- Electron Transport in Silicon Nanodevices -- Raman and SERS Investigation of Carbon Nanotubes -- Micro-Raman and Micro-Photoluminescence Spectroscopies of H-terminated Nanocrystalline Silicon -- Theory for Optical-Phonon Raman Spectra of Imperfect Quantum Wells -- Layer-by-Layer Oxidation of Silicon Surfaces by Molecular and Atomic Oxygen -- Kondo Effect in Semiconductor Quantum Dots -- Ultrathin Iron (Fe) - Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) Layer Structures for Wideband Microwave Devices -- Solid State Amorphization in Metal-Si Systems -- Charge Transport and Insulator-Conductor Transition of Li Salt Doped Polyaniline -- Mechanisms of Epitaxial Growth on Si(100) Surfaces -- Photoluminescence of Si-Doped GaN Grown by Electron Cyclotron Resonance Molecular Beam Epitaxy -- Piezoelectric-Field Modified 2D Carrier Diffusion Behavior in In-GaN/GaN Multiple-Quantum-Wells -- Growth Mechanism of Atomic Layer Epitaxy of III-V Compounds -- Au/N-Si Schottky Diode with NOx Incorporation -- Experimental Evidence for the Aggregation of the Near-IR Bands in BaFBr: Eu2+Single Crystals -- Miniature Microwave Bandpass Filters Using Low-loss Superconductors -- Experimental Demonstration of Two-Dimensional Interaction-Free Imaging
ASTROPHYSICS AND COSMIC PHYSICS -- Electric Charge on a Black Hole Surrounded by Force-Free Magnetosphere -- Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Neutrinos -- Atmospheric Secondary Particles in Near Earth Space -- Nucleation of Hydrogen Deficient Carbon Clusters in Circumstellar Envelopes of Carbon Stars -- Scintillating Crystal Detector for Neutrino and Astro-Particle Physics Experiments -- ATOMIC, MOLECULAR, OPTICAL PHYSICS AND PLASMA PHYSICS -- A Systematic Approach Using Laser Diagnostics for Understanding and Optimization of Plasma Formation and Maintenance -- Novel Symbols for Angular-Momentum Couplings -- New Suggested Experiments on Turbulence -- Spatial Resolution in Photo-Limited Confocal Optical Microscopy -- Near-Field Optical Properties of Ordered Polystyrene Fine Particle Layers as Photonic Crystals -- High Speed Light Modulation Using Complex Refractive Index Change of Electro-optic Polymers -- Monochromatic Field Electron Emission from a Niobium Superconductor -- Multimode Higher-Order Squeezing in Multiwave Mixing Processes -- The Origin and Fundamental Mechanism of Wear of Materials -- Synchrotron Experiments of X-Ray Multi-Wave Interaction in 2-D and 3-D Crystals -- 3-Dimensional Distribution of Charge Particles in Neutral Loop Discharge Plasma -- Present Status of Submillimeter Wave Gyrotrons (FU Series) Developed as Versatile Radiation Sources -- Effects of Cathode Electrode in Plasma Focus Discharges -- Coherent Control of Semiconductor Phonon Oscillations -- Excited States of O2 Investigated by Measuring the Metastable O(1D) Atom -- Velocity Profiles of the Poiseuille Flow in Laminar and Turbulent Regimes -- Microstructure and Raman Spectra of Tetravalent Metallo-Phthalocyanine -- Silica Based Photonic Materials for Integrated Optics -- Ultranarrow Dispersive Profiles Due to Optical Pumping Effect
A Quasi-Optical System Converting a Gyrotron Output Radiation into a Gaussian Beam -- Recent Results at the Tokyo EBIT -- Status of the Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research Project -- COMPUTATIONAL & STATISTICAL PHYSICS -- Non-equilibrium Relaxation Study of the Phase Transition -- Local Properties of Multifractional Brownian Motion of Riemann-Liouville Type -- Interfacial and Nanostructural Studies of Polymer Blends -- Tsallis Statistics for Cluster-Size Distributions in Percolation -- CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS -- Optical Spectroscopy of Surface Nanostructures with Atomic Spatial Resolution -- The Structure of Cu(210): Clean Surface and Oxygen-Induced Reconstructions -- Unusual Magnetic Properties or Unconventional Superconductivity in PrBa2Cu3O7? -- Possibility of the Best Performance High-Tc Superconductor Based on Cu-1234 System -- Models of Reentrant Charge Ordering in Manganites -- Magnetic Domain Images of Nanometer Size Magnetic Features -- Tunneling Magnetoresistance Study in NiFe/Co/Insulator/Co -- Magnetic Properties and Magnetocaloric Effects in Several R5(Si0.5Ge0.5)4 Compounds -- The Tapping-Mode Manipulation of Nanoparticles Using the AFM Cantilevers -- Direct Observation of Silicon Magic Clusters on Silicon(111) Surfaces -- Electron Correlation Effects on Light Emission from Silicon(001) by Scanning Tunneling Microscope -- The Growth of 2D Pb Islands on Si(111)7x7 Surfaces at Low Temperatures -- YBCO and Bi Based Superconducting Thick Films Prepared by a Partial Melt Method -- Development of Microwave Dielectric Thin Films -- CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS THEORY -- Organic Ferromagnetism and Spin Density of a Quasi-1D Model -- Applications of the Spin Polaron Theory as a Microscopic Mechanism of High Temperature Superconductivity" -- Path Integral Derivation of the Effective Mass of Vortex
Modal Transmission-Line Theory of Photonic Band-Gap Structures -- Phase Transition between Ferroelectric and Antiferroelectric States and Two-Phase Nucleation in Perovskite Ferroelectrics -- The Exact AC Susceptibility of a Superparamagnetic Particle -- Irreversible Energy Flow in One-Dimensional Disordered Systems Coupled with a Few Phonon Modes -- Spin-Dependent Electron Correlations of a System with Broken Spin Symmetry -- On The Mystery of the Giant Moments of Fe and Co in Cs Films -- NUCLEAR PHYSICS -- KNY Form Factors in the Chiral Bag Model -- Total and Partial Decay Widths of Medium-Heavy Λ Hypernuclei -- Determination of KNΛ and KNE Coupling Constants from y + p -> K+ + Λ0(E0) near Threshold -- Relativistic Calculation on Pion Condensation -- Heavy Atoms Based on Schwinger-Dyson Formalism -- PARTICLES AND FIELDS -- A Solution of the Generation Puzzle from Yang-Mills Duality -- Production of Dissimilar Quark-Antiquark Pair from Electron-Positron Collision -- One Point Function of Affine Toda Field Theory -- Complete Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics of Monopoles in N = 4 SYM Theory -- Measurement of the Proton-Antiproton Pair Production from Two-Photon Collisions -- Fermion Transmutation - a Renormalization Effect in Gauge Theory -- Implementing Unitarity in Perturbation Theory -- ACFA-LC3 -- BES Recent Results and Future Plans -- What Can We Learn from Charmless Rare B Decays - the Past/Next 3 Years -- The Latest Results from K2K Experiment -- Resent Results from Super-Kamiokande -- Physics at Fermilab Tevatron -- LEP2 : the Last Energy Frontier Circular Electron Positron Collider -- Physics Potential of the LHC -- Linear Collider Physics -- The Goal in the Year 2000 -- SUSY at the Linear Colliders: Working Group Summary -- 3-Tesla Detector Model for the JLC Detector -- Silicon Pixel Detector R&D for A Beam Profile Monitor
JLC Beam Delivery System -- The Electron Linear Collider -- INTERDISCIPLINARY PHYSICS: NONLINEAR DYNAMICS, BIOLOGICAL PHYSICS, QUANTUM ELECTRONICS -- Bending and Base-Stacking Interactions in Double-Stranded DNA -- Moliere Scattering Theory with Ionization -- Quasi-Two-Dimensional Photonic Band Structures in Colloidal Particle Layers -- Thermoreversible Gelation and Phase Separation in Aqueous Methyl Cellulose Solutions -- Hypertron and Antihypertron -- FORUM ON SCIENTIFIC COLLABORATION AMONG ASIA PACIFIC REGIONS -- Information-Technology Based Physics Education -- POSTER SESSION -- Room Temperature Magnetic Imaging of Micron Sized Domains Using a Scanning Hall Probe Microscope -- Effect of Lanthanum on Ferroelectric Phase Transition of Pb1-x Lax TiO3 Ceramics -- Analysis of Atomic Force Microscopy Images of Crystal Originated "Particles" on (100) Silicon Wafer through its Side Wall Angle Measurement -- Phototransferred Thermoluminescence of KCl:Eu2+ Dosemeters -- Ohmic Contacts to p-type GaN -- Photoresponse of Li Doped ZnO Films Prepared by Atmospheric Pressure MO-CVD Method -- Dynamics of Photogenerated Nonequilibrium Electronic States in a Disordered One-Dimensional Lattice -- On Microwave Heating to KSTAR Tokamak -- Ultrashort Pulse Generation with Micro-Cavity Dye Lasers -- Dye Doped Ormosil Materials for Solid State Dye Laser -- Development of a Quasi-Optical Gyrotron for Plasma Diagnostics -- Study of Physical Properties of Toluene/Carbon-Tetrachloride Mixture at Different Temperatures and Concentrations -- Thermal Properties of BaFX (X=Cl, Br) Single Crystals: Experiments and Molecular Dynamics Simulations -- The Structural Changes of the Sn(y)Ox Thin Films Under Influence of Heat Treatment -- Effects of Quenching and Sintering Temperature on Ultrasonic Attenuation in GdBaSrCu3O7-d High-Tc Superconductors
Pyroelectric Properties of Sol-Gel Derived (Pb1-xMgx)TiO3 Thin Film Detectors
This volume in contemporary physics records the blossoming physical activities that have occurred at the turn of the millennium, including the most up-to-date and exciting scientific and technological discoveries of recent years. The book can serve as a guide or quick reference for professionals in related fields. Contents: Plenary; Applied Physics; Astrophysics and Cosmic Physics; Atomic, Molecular, Optical Physics, and Plasma Physics; Computational and Statistical Physics; Condensed Matter Physics; Condensed Matter Physics Theory; Nuclear Physics; Particles and Fields; ACFA-LC3; Interdisciplinary Physics: Nonlinear Dynamics, Biological Physics, Quantum Electronics; Forum on Scientific Collaboration Among Asia Pacific Regions. Readership: Graduate students and researchers in high energy physics
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Link Print version: Yao, Yeong-Der APPC 2000 : Proceedings of the 8th Asia-Pacific Physics Conference Singapore : World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd,c2001 9789810245573
Subject Physics -- Congresses.;Physical sciences -- Congresses
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Alt Author Cheng, Hai-Yang
Chang, Chia-Seng
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