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(Chicago, Saint Xavier University : Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE     
      Special Education International Perspectives : Practices Across the Globe   COMPUTER FILE 2014
Chicago School of Professional Psychology    
      Avoidance coping and HIV therapies   電子書
      The Buddhist psychologist: An exploration into spirituality and psychotherapy   電子書
      Development of self in sociocultural context: Building a conceptual bridge between psychoanalysis and cultural psychology   電子書
      The Enneagram and Jungian archetypal images   電子書
3 additional entries    
Chicago Summer Seminar on Applications of Group Theory in Physics and Mathematical Physics (1982) : Mathematics Library; PRINTED     
      Applications of group theory in physics and mathematical physics / edited by Moshe Flato, Paul Sally, and Gregg Zuckerman AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1985
Chicago Symphony Chorus    
      浮士德 = La damnation de Faust = The damnation of Faust 白遼士(Hector Berlioz)作曲 ; Rodney Greenberg導演 ; 蘇提(Sir Georg Solti)指揮 LIB USE ONLY   VIDEO RECDING 2009?
      Symphony no. 9 in D minor = ré mineur = D-moll : op. 125 / Beethoven. AVAILABLE   SOUND RECDING 1987
Chicago Symphony Orchestra    
      20世紀大師音樂會 巴倫波因與芝加哥交響樂團 = Daniel Barenboim and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra / 巴倫波因(Daniel Barenboim)指揮 ; 瑪托絲(Elisabete Matos)女高音 ; 芝加哥交響樂團(The Chicago Symphony Orchestra)[演奏] AVAILABLE   VIDEO RECDING 2002
      不朽樂宴 國立歌劇院演出選集音樂會 = Berliner Luft : a gala concert from the staatsoper unter den linden / 巴倫波因(Daniel Barenboim)指揮 ; 芝加哥交響樂團(Chicago Symphony Orchestra)演奏 LIB USE ONLY   VIDEO RECDING 2011?
      浮士德 = La damnation de Faust = The damnation of Faust 白遼士(Hector Berlioz)作曲 ; Rodney Greenberg導演 ; 蘇提(Sir Georg Solti)指揮 LIB USE ONLY   VIDEO RECDING 2009?
      The tempest : op. 18 : fantasy overture ; Symphony no. 2, op. 17 : Little Russian / Tchaikovsky. AVAILABLE   SOUND RECDING 1985
18 additional entries    
Chicago Symphony Winds : Life Sci. LIB; SOUND RECDING     
      A tale of two cities : music for winds and percussion AVAILABLE   SOUND RECDING 1992
Chicago Symposium on Cancer: Etiology and Prevention (1982) : Life Sci. LIB; PRINTED     
      Cancer--etiology and prevention : proceedings of the Chicago Symposium on Cancer--Etiology and Prevention, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., October 4-6, 1982 / editor, Ray G. Crispen ; sponsored by University of Illinois at Chicago and Illinois Cancer Council AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1983
Chicago. University.    
      Changing perspectives on man / edited by Ben Rothblatt AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1968
      The rôles of men and women in Eskimo culture / by Naomi Musmaker Giffen AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1975
      Historical aspects of the immigration problem / Edith Abbott AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1969
      The origin of printing in Europe AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1966
2 additional entries    
Chicago. University. Charles R. Walgreen Foundatiion for the Study of American Institutions. / Lectures : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Philosophy of democratic government / Yves René Marie Simon AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1951
Chicago. University. Charles R. Walgreen Foundation for the Study of American Institutions.    
      Medicine and the war / edited by William H. Taliaferro AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1972
      The TVA : an approach to the development of a region / Gordon Rufus Clapp. AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1971
      The TVA : an approach to the development of a region / Gordon Rufus Clapp. AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1955
Chicago. University. College : Fu Ssu-Nien Library, 人文社會聯圖 ; PRINTED     
      The Knowledge most worth having / edited by Wayne C. Booth AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1967
Chicago. University. Committee for the Comparative Study of New Nations : Fu Ssu-Nien Library, Ethnology Library ; PRINTED     
      Old societies and new States : the quest for modernity in Asia and Africa / edited by Clifford Geertz AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1963
Chicago. University. Dept. of Anthropology.    
      Essays in social anthropology and ethnology / Fred Eggan AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1975
      The American kin universe : a genealogical study / David M. Schneider, Calvert B. Cottrell AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1975
Chicago. University. Dept. of Geology : Earth Science Library, 人社中心期刊區 ; PRINTED     
      The Journal of geology AVAILABLE, IN PROCESS   PRINTED
Chicago. University. Dept. of Mathematics    
      Cauchy's problem for hyperbolic equations AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1958
      Differentiable manifolds; special notes, Mathematics 243, winter quarter 1959 AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1960?
      Theory of rings AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1961
Chicago. University. Economics Research Center.    
      Varieties of monetary experience. Edited and with an introd. by David Meiselman. With essays by John V. Deaver [and others] AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1970
      The economics of discrimination / [by] Gary S. Becker AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1971
      The economics of discrimination / [by] Gary S. Becker AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1957
      The demand for durable goods / Edited by Arnold C. Harberger ;With essays by Arnold C. Harberger [et al.] AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1960
Chicago. University. Graduate Library School. Library Conference. / Papers pressented before the annual conference, 1957 : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      New directions in public library development / Contributors: Lester Asheim ...[et al] AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1957
Chicago. University. Graduate School of Business.    
      Cities and housing : the spatial pattern of urban residential land use / Richard F. Muth AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1969
      National monetary policies and the international financial system / edited by Robert Z. Aliber AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1974
      The fiscal revolution in America / Herbert Stein MISSING, AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1969
      The corporate merger / edited by William W. Alberts & Joel E. Segall AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1966
Chicago. University. Haskell Oriental Museum    
      Inscriptions from Adab / by Daniel David Luckenbill IN PROCESS   PRINTED 1930
      The Proverbs of Solomon in Sahidic Coptic, according to the Chicago manuscript / edited by William H. Worrell AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1931
Chicago. University. Library. Far Eastern Library. / Reference list, no. 2 : Ethnology Library, Fu Ssu-Nien Library ; PRINTED     
      Far Eastern serials = 遠東期刊目錄 LIB USE ONLY   PRINTED c1977
Chicago. University. Norman Wait Harris Memorial Foundation. 30th Institute, 1954 : Euro-Am Studies Lib, Economics Library ; PRINTED     
      Population and world politics / edited by Philip M. Hauser AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1958
Chicago. University. Oriental Institute ;    
      Excavations at Nippur eleventh season / by McGuire Gibson ; with appendixes by M. Civil, J. H. Johnson, and S. A. Kaufman AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1975-
      Medieval Islam : a study in cultural orientation / by Gustave E. von Grunebaum AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1946
      Kingship and the gods : a study of ancient Near Eastern religion as the integration of society & nature AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1948
      The culture of ancient Egypt / by John A. Wilson AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1951
      Studies in honor of George R. Hughes : January 12, 1977 AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1976
Chicago. University. Population Research and Training Center. / Monographs : Euro-Am Studies Lib, Fu Ssu-Nien Library ; PRINTED     
      Negroes in cities : residential segregation and neighborhood change / by Karl E. Taeuber and Alma F. Taeuber AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1969
Chicago Workshop on Adaptive Mesh Refinement Methods (2003 : University of Chicago)    
      Adaptive mesh refinement, theory and applications : proceedings of the Chicago Workshop on Adaptive Mesh Refinement Methods, Sept. 3-5, 2003 / Tomasz Plewa, Timur Linde, V. Gregory Weirs, editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2005
      Adaptive Mesh Refinement - Theory and Applications Proceedings of the Chicago Workshop on Adaptive Mesh Refinement Methods, Sept. 3-5, 2003 / edited by Tomasz Plewa, Timur Linde, V. Gregory Weirs   電子書 2005
Chicandard, G : Fu Ssu-Nien Library; PRINTED     
      La photographie / par G. Chicandard 破損不外借   PRINTED 1909
Chicaneau de Neuvillé, Didier Pierre, 1720-1781 : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      Dictionnaire philosophique ou introduction a la connoissance de l'homme.   COMPUTER FILE 1751
Chicano, Francisco,    
      Evolutionary computation in combinatorial optimization : 15th European Conference, EvoCOP 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark, April 8-10, 2015 : proceedings / edited by Gabriela Ochoa, Francisco Chicano   電子書 2015
      Evolutionary computation in combinatorial optimization : 16th European Conference, EvoCOP 2016, Porto, Portugal, March 30 -- April 1, 2016 : proceedings / edited by Francisco Chicano, Bin Hu, Pablo Garcia-Sanchez   電子書 2016
      Smart cities : first International Conference, Smart-CT 2016, Malaga, Spain, June 15-17, 2016 : proceedings / edited by Enrique Alba, Francisco Chicano, Gabriel Luque   電子書 2016
Chicarelli, Charles F : CAPAS Library, Fu Ssu-Nien Library ; PRINTED     
      Buddhist art : an illustrated introduction / by Charles F. Chicarelli AVAILABLE, DUE 05-10-21   PRINTED 2004
Chicatelli, S. P. (Stephen P.), 1964- : Mathematics Library, Information Sci. Lib. ; PRINTED     
      The hyperbolic map and applications to the linear quadratic regulator / B.J. Daiuto, T.T. Hartley, S.P. Chicatelli AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1989
Chicca, Fabricio, / editor : 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED     
      Everyday lifestyles and sustainability : the environmental impact of doing the same things differently / edited by Fabricio Chicca, Brenda Vale and Robert Vale AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2018
Chicchon, Avecita del Carmen : 中央研究院; PRINTED     
      Chimane resource use and market involvement in the Beni Biosphere Reserve, Bolivia   PRINTED
Chicco, Gianfranco : Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE     
      Distributed Multi-Generation Systems : Energy Models and Analyses   COMPUTER FILE 2008
Chicester, Edward : 中央研究院; 電子書     
      Observations on the Rev. Edward Chichester's pamphlet, entitled Oppressions and cruelties of Irish revenue officers by Aeneas Coffey.   電子書 1818
Chicha, Marie-Thérèse : Ethnology Library; PRINTED     
      Integration of immigrants and temporary migrants into the labour market in Quebec and Canada : new perspectives on contexts and actors = L'insertion des immigrants et des migrants temporaires dans le marché du travail au Québec et au Canada : nouveaux regards sur les contextes et acteurs / guest editors, Jacques Ledent, Marie-Thérèse Chicha and Sébastien Arcand LIB USE ONLY   PRINTED 2017
Chicharo, Luis, / editor : 中央研究院; 電子書     
      Ecosystem services and river basin ecohydrology / edited by Luis Chicharo, Felix Muller, Nicola Fohrer   電子書 2015
Chicherin, B. N. (Boris Nikolaevich), 1828-1904 : RCHSS Library; PRINTED     
      Liberty, equality, and the market : essays / by B.N. Chicherin ; edited and translated by G.M. Hamburg AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1998
Chichester, Arthur, Esq : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      John French, Esq; and Anne his wife, ... Appellants. Arthur Chichester, Esq; and Edward Doderidge, ... Respondents. The respondents case   COMPUTER FILE 1708
Chichester, Edward    
      Documents illustrative of the oppressions & cruelties of Irish revenue officers   電子書 1819
      Oppressions & cruelties of Irish revenue officers being the substance of a letter to a British member of Parliament / by Edward Chichester.   電子書 1818
      A second letter to a British member of Parliament, relative to the oppressions & cruelties of Irish revenue officers wherein the observations on a former letter are considered and refuted / by the Rev. Edward Chichester.   電子書 1819
Chichester, John, Sir, 1623-1667 : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      The true state and condition of the kingdom of Ireland, sent to the House of Commons from their committee there; whose names are signed thereto, viz. Robert Reynolds, Robert Goodwyn, both members of the said House. Also the true relation of the great victory the Protestants in that kingdom, lately had against the rebels there; sent in a letter by Sir Richard Greenvill, to the said committee, who hath since commended it to the House of Commons. Together with a letter from Sir John Chicester, of g   COMPUTER FILE 1643
Chichibu no Miya Setsuko, 1909- / Gin no bonbonieru English : Modern History Library; PRINTED     
      The silver drum : a Japanese imperial memoir / by Setsuko, Princess Chichibu ; [translated by Dorothy Britton] AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1996
Chichilinsky, Gabriela : Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE     
      ¿Catastrofe o nueva sociedad? Modelo mundial Latinoamericano 30 años después   COMPUTER FILE 2004
Chichilnisky, Graciela    
      The economics of climate change / edited by Graciela Chichilnisky AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2010
      The Economics of the Yasuní Initiative : Climate Change as if Thermodynamics Mattered   COMPUTER FILE 2010
      Environmental markets : equity and efficiency / edited by Graciela Chichilnisky and Geoffrey Heal   電子書 c2000
      The evolving international economy / Graciela Chichilnisky, Geoffrey Heal AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1986
8 additional entries    
Chichizola, Franco, / editor : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      Cloud computing and big data : 7th Conference, JCC&BD 2019, La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 24-28, 2019 : revised selected papers / edited by Marcelo Naiouf, Franco Chichizola, Enzo Rucci   COMPUTER FILE 2019
Chichkanov, Valeriĭ Petrovich : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Soviet-American horizons on the Pacific / edited by John J. Stephan and V.P. Chichkanov AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1986
Chichurov, Igorʹ : 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED     
      Reformen im Russland des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts : westliche Modelle und russische Erfahrungen / herausgegeben von Dietrich Beyrau, Igor' Čičurov und Michael Stolleis AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1996
Chick, Garry : Ethnology Library; PRINTED     
      The units of culture / guest editor, Garry Chick LIB USE ONLY   PRINTED 2001
Chick, Gregoire : Life Sci. LIB; 電子書     
      Acute and chronic finger injuries in ball sports edited by Gregoire Chick   電子書 2013
Chick, Harriette : Fu Ssu-Nien Library; PRINTED     
      War on disease : a history of the Lister Institute / Harriette Chick, Margaret Hume, Marjorie MacFarlane AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1971
Chick, Helen : 中央研究院; 電子書     
      The future of the teaching and learning of algebra the 12th ICMI study / edited by Kaye Stacey, Helen Chick, Margaret Kendal   電子書 c2004
Chick, Martin : Fu Ssu-Nien Library; PRINTED     
      Changing times : economics, policies, and resource allocation in Britain since 1951 / Martin Chick   PRINTED 2019
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