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245 00 Sports-based health interventions :|bcase studies from 
       around the world /|cedited by David Conrad, Alan White 
264  1 New York, NY :|bSpringer New York :|bImprint: Springer,
300    1 online resource (xxxv, 324 pages) :|billustrations, 
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505 0  Introduction: The Role of Sport in Public Health -- Part I
       : Sport and Disaster Response -- Post-Earthquake, Iran -- 
       Civil War, Ivory Coast -- Part II: Peace and Social 
       Capital Building through Sport -- Open Fun Football 
       Schools, Balkans -- Right to Play, International -- Dads 
       and Lads, UK -- Fight for Peace, Brazil -- Part III: Sport
       and Immunisation -- Olympic Sport and Immunisation 
       Festival, Ghana -- Kick Polio Out of Africa -- Part IV: 
       Sport and Screening -- "Sex and Sport" Chlamydia Screening,
       Australia -- "Kick N Test" HIV and TB Screening Football 
       Tournament, Kenya -- Part V: Health Promotion in Sports 
       Settings -- CALM Mental Health Promotion in Rugby Clubs, 
       UK -- Healthy Stadia, Europe -- Tackling Men's Health, UK 
       -- Golf for People with Severe and Enduring Mental Health 
       Problems, UK -- Premier League Health, UK -- Developing 
       Health Promotion Resources for Use in Sports Settings, UK 
       -- Part VI: Health Promotion with a Sport Theme -- HIV/
       AIDS Projects in Africa -- "It's a Goal" Mental Health 
       Intervention, UK -- Liverpool FC Men's Health Work -- 
520    This unique volume explores a growing collaboration 
       between the sport and health sectors to deliver innovative
       public health interventions in the community. It explores 
       the role of sport and sports settings as a vehicle for 
       achieving health outcomes, as well as some of the 
       practical and moral challenges presented by sport and 
       public health partnership working. Twenty detailed 
       examples illustrate the broad range of programs which have
       already been developed around the world, from across the 
       spectrum of public health activity. Chapters include: Time
       Out for Your Health: A sports-based health intervention 
       approach with American football teams Promoting Mental 
       Wellbeing in Rugby League communities Slum Soccer - female
       empowerment through football Football 4 Peace Sport as a 
       post-disaster psychosocial intervention for children in 
       Bam, Iran Sex and Sport: An Australian rules football-
       based chlamydia screening initiative. As well as 
       showcasing what has been achieved in this exciting new 
       field, Sports-based Health Interventions shares valuable 
       advice and lessons learnt to inform the next generation of
       sports-based public health initiatives 
650  0 Health 
650  0 Sports|xHealth aspects 
650 14 Medicine & Public Health 
650 24 Public Health 
650 24 Social Work 
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