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040    MWA|cMWA|dUk-ES|dCStRLIN|dThomson Gale 
111 2  Convention of Congregational Ministers of Massachusetts
245 10 Proceedings of the Convention of Congregational Ministers,
       in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts|btogether with a 
       statement of the number, and names of the Congregational 
       associations, ministers, candidates, vacancies, &c. in the
       Commonwealth; letters of correspondence with the 
       Congregational and Presbytarian churches in other states, 
       &c. Published by order of the Convention. MDCCXCV.
       |h[electronic resource]; 
260    [Boston] :|bPrinted by Samuel Hall, no. 53. Cornhill, 
300    18,[2]p. ;|c2⁰ 
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