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008    850917s1812    mau     s     000 0 eng d 
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100 1  Prescott, James,|d1766-1829 
245 10 Address to the friends of independence, peace, and union 
       in the county of Middlesex.|h[electronic resource] :|bA 
       Convention of the Friends of the Independence, Peace, 
       Union and Prosperity of the United States, consisting of 
       delegates from forty three towns in the county of 
       Middlesex, was held at Concord on the 15th of July last 
       [1812], and ... appointed ... a committee to consider and 
       report on the momentous and calamitous state of our 
       country. They then adjourned to the 10th instant ... the 
       committee made report of the following address, which was 
       read, discussed, and unanimously accepted, and ordered to 
       be printed 
260    [Concord, Mass. :|bs.n.,|c1812] 
300    8 p. ;|c24 cm 
500    Caption title 
500    Signed on p. 8: James Prescott, moderator. Attest, Isaac 
       Fisk, secretary 
500    Attributed to James Prescott in NUC pre-56 
510 4  Shaw & Shoemaker|c26074 
530    Microform version available in the Readex Early American 
       Imprints series 
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       searchable text.|f(Early American imprints. Second series 
       ; no. 26074) 
651  0 Middlesex County (Mass.)|xPolitics and government 
651  0 Massachusetts|xHistory|yWar of 1812 
651  0 United States|xPolitics and government|y1812-1815 
711 2  Convention of Friends of the Independence, Peace, Union 
       and Prosperity of the United States|d(1812 :|cConcord, 
752    United States|bMassachusetts|dConcord 
830  0 Early American imprints.|nSecond series ;|vno. 26074 
856 41 |uhttp://opac.newsbank.com/select/shaw/26074|yShaw-
       Shoemaker Digital Edition