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Author Darrow, Brian P
Title Effects of nutrients from the water column on the growth of benthic microalgae in permeable sediments
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Note Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 69-08, Section: B, page:
Adviser: John J. Walsh
Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of South Florida, 2008
In some continental shelf sediments integrated benthic microalgal biomass is greater than the integrated phytoplankton biomass in the overlying water column. In addition, benthic microalgae may account for up to 10% of the primary production responsible for the coastal fishery yield of the eastern United States
A three-dimensional model of the eastern Gulf of Mexico examines the effects of water-column nutrient sources on the growth of benthic microalgae. To parameterize the exchange of nutrients across the sediment/water interface in these permeable sediments, a non-local exchange submodel was constructed and tested within the framework of the model's grid
Based on the results of the three dimensional simulations, the growth of benthic microalgae from water-column nutrients is highly dependent on the light limitation of overlying phytoplankton. When light is available to phytoplankton in high enough quantities, water-column nutrients are used up before reaching the sediments. When the overlying phytoplankton are light limited, nutrients are able to reach the sediments where the shade adapted benthic microalgae can grow
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Host Item Dissertation Abstracts International 69-08B
Subject Biology, Ecology
Biology, Oceanography
Alt Author University of South Florida
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