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100 1  Delfanti, Alessandro,|eauthor 
245 14 The warehouse :|bworkers and robots at Amazon /
       |cAlessandro Delfanti 
264  1 London :|bPluto Press,|c2021 
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300    ix, 179 pages :|billustrations ;|c23 cm 
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504    Includes bibliographical references (pages 158-175) and 
520    'Work hard, have fun, make history' proclaims the slogan 
       on the walls of Amazon's warehouses. This cheerful message
       hides a reality of digital surveillance, aggressive anti-
       union tactics and disciplinary layoffs. Reminiscent of the
       tumult of early industrial capitalism, the hundreds of 
       thousands of workers who help Amazon fulfil consumers' 
       desire are part of an experiment in changing the way we 
       all work. In this book, Alessandro Delfanti takes readers 
       inside Amazon's warehouses to show how technological 
       advancements and managerial techniques subdue the workers 
       rather than empower them, as seen in the sensors that 
       track workers' every movement around the floor and 
       algorithmic systems that re-route orders to circumvent 
       worker sabotage. He looks at new technologies including 
       robotic arms trained by humans and augmented reality 
       goggles, showing that their aim is to standardise, measure
       and discipline human work rather than replace it. Despite 
       its innovation, Amazon will always need living labour's 
       flexibility and low cost. And as the warehouse is 
       increasingly automated, worker discontent increases. 
       Striking under the banner 'we are not robots', employees 
       have shown that they are acutely aware of such 
       contradictions. The only question remains: how long will 
       it be until Amazon's empire collapses? --|cProvided by 
610 20 Amazon.com (Firm) 
650  0 Electronic monitoring in the workplace 
650  0 Warehouses|xAutomation 
650  0 Restrictive practices in industrial relations 
650  0 Employee rights 
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