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Title United Nations Conference on the Application of Science and Technology for the Benefit of the Less Developed Areas papers. F-F.1.4
Imprint Geneva : United Nations, 1963
 Modern History Library  A 338.91 U58u  F-F.1.4    AVAILABLE    30550100418811
 Agenda item: F 
 E/CONF.39/GR.7(F)Health and nutrition: report of the Conference Secretary-General 
 E/CONF.39/F/36Health problems of underdeveloped peoples / Mario Magalhaes Da Silveira 
 E/CONF.39/F/105Man meets his environment / Rene Dubos 
 E/CONF.39/F/140Development of health programmes: bases for assessing needs in health personnel and principles of training / J. Senecal 
 Agenda item: F.1.1 
 E/CONF.39/F/1The utilization of science and technology in the organization and administration of health services with special reference to vital and health statistics / P. Rajasingham 
 E/CONF.39/F/15Techniques of measuring birth and death rates / C.A.L. Myburgh 
 E/CONF.39/GR.18(F)The utilization of science and technology in the organization and administration of health services, with special reference to the need for vital and health statistics: report of the Conference Secretary-General 
 E/CONF.39/F/22Medical engineering as an aid to the growth of health services in less developed countries / K.G. Williams 
 E/CONF.39/F/26Small local communities as a basis for vital and health statistics for administrative purpose in public health / Sakari Haro 
 E/CONF.39/F/41The use of statistics in health planning, achievement of balanced services / Martinus Pawel 
 E/CONF.39/F/46Adapted methods of collecting health and population statistics in developing countries / Yves Biraud 
 E/CONF.39/F/128Vital and health statistics are necessary for the utilization of science and technology: learning to avoid pitfalls in the interpretation of health statistics / Alexander D. Langmuir 
 E/CONF.39/F/131Regional differences in death rates in Italy / Carlo Vetere 
 E/CONF.39/F/139Health and nutrition / R.R. Tewari 
 E/CONF.39/F/145The economic value of preventive medicine and organized health services / World Health Organization, Geneva 
 Agenda item: F.1.2 
 E/CONF.39/F/5Principles, priorities and public participation in planning a programme for health / N.R.E. Fendall, B.A. Southgate 
 E/CONF.39/F/6The principles of health planning / W.A. Karunanatne 
 E/CONF.39/F/16Sanitation, pluviometry and housing in the tropical countries / M. Fontaine 
 E/CONF.39/F/18Priorities in the planning of health services in emerging countries / A. Michael Davies 
 E/CONF.39/F/23Principles of health service planning / J.W. Tesch 
 E/CONF.39/F/24The development of the rural health program of the UAR / A.K. Mazen 
 E/CONF.39/F/33The principles of public health planning in the Republic of Senegal / M. Sankale 
 E/CONF.39/F/37Application of modern principles of public health practice to the solution of health problems in Ethiopia / Ato Yohannes Tseghe, Dirk Spruyt, J.S. Prince 
 E/CONF.39/F/38The principles of health service planning in New Zealand / D.P. Kennedy 
 E/CONF.39/F/47Principles and methods of planning health services / Vasil Vasilev 
 E/CONF.39/F/52Experience of health service planning / J. Axel Hojer 
 E/CONF.39/F/62The principles of public health planning / George MacDonald 
 E/CONF.39/F/65Organization and activities of health centers in Japan / Masami Hashimoto 
 E/CONF.39/F/66A plan for the establishment of a pilot zone in the area of limpopo dam, mozambique, for the study and control of bilharziasis / J. Frage De Azevedo 
 E/CONF.39/F/67Regional planning of medical services / Jamil Anouti, Marthe Pellouet 
 E/CONF.39/F/68Environmental sanitation in underdeveloped areas / Fundacao do Servico Social de Saude Publica (SESP), Brazil 
 E/CONF.39/F/69The decentralisation of medical and nursing facilities in a single country / Niilo Pesonen 
 E/CONF.39/F/85Principles of planning a health service / G. Clavero Gonzalez 
 E/CONF.39/F/89Public health care planning principles in the USSR / C.A. Novgorodtsev 
 E/CONF.39/F/113Engineering aspects of environmental sanitation / A.I. Kashif 
 E/CONF.39/F/124Desarrollo socio-economico y planification en salud / Alfredo Leonardo Bravo...[et al.] 
 Agenda item: F.1.2 - F.1.3 
 E/CONF.39/GR.8(F)The principles of health service planning. The progressive development of the health programme and its later evaluation; acceptance and participation of the public in the programme: report of the Conference Secretary-General 
 Agenda item: F.1.3 
 E/CONF.39/F/20Gradual development of a health programme: its subsequent appraisal. Public acceptance of and participation in the programme / J. Senecal 
 E/CONF.39/F/30Foundations for action in community health care, a social medicine approach / Sidney L. Kark 
 E/CONF.39/F/35Public health in developing countries priorities and organization / Daniel Brachott 
 E/CONF.39/F/56People's selfhelp activity for promotion of health: evaluation of a demonstration project in public health in a rural area in Japan / Tadao Miyasaka 
 E/CONF.39/F/93Public health in the Mongolian People's Republic / N. Dondog 
 E/CONF.39/F/98Experience of combating the endemic goitre in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic / S. Maximov 
 E/CONF.39/F/101The determination of medical care needs in relation to a concept of minimally adequate care, an evaluation of the curative outpatient services of a rural health centre / Ana Livia Cordero 
 E/CONF.39/F/108The nation-wide organization of health protection and social welfare / Tiberiu Ionescu 
 E/CONF.39/F/133Principles of health service planning / Leona Baumgartner 
 Agenda item: F.1.4 
 E/CONF.39/F/17The introduction of pharmaceuticals: problems of cost and quality / Harold Davis 
 E/CONF.39/F/25The introduction of pharmaceuticals: problems of cost and quality in UAR / M.M. Motawi 
 E/CONF.39/F/39Problems of cost control in pharmaceutical benefits schemes / A.W.S. Thompson 
 E/CONF.39/F/51The establishment and development of the drug supply in economically developing countries / Jeno Purman 
 E/CONF.39/F/53The introduction of pharmaceuticals, problems of cost and quality / Karl Evang 
 E/CONF.39/GR.57(F)The introduction of pharmaceuticals, problems of cost and quality: report of the Conference Secretary-General 
 E/CONF.39/F/79The problem of pharmaceutical products in black Africa / Michel Attisso 
 E/CONF.39/F/87Medicines, their prices and supply to the population of the USSR / A.G. Natradze 
 E/CONF.39/F/116The introduction of pharmaceuticals, problem of cost and quality / Raymundo Moniz de Aragao 
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