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100 1  Dosser, Hayley V 
245 10 Propagation and breaking of nonlinear internal gravity 
300    108 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 48-04, 
       page: 2302 
502    Thesis (M.Sc.)--University of Alberta (Canada), 2010 
520    Internal gravity waves grow in amplitude as they propagate
       upwards in a non-Boussinesq fluid and weakly nonlinear 
       effects develop due to interactions with an induced 
       horizontal mean flow. In this work, a new derivation for 
       this wave-induced mean flow is presented and nonlinear 
       Schrodinger equations are derived describing the weakly 
       nonlinear evolution of these waves in an anelastic gas and
       non-Boussinesq liquid. The results of these equations are 
       compared with fully nonlinear numerical simulations. It is
       found that interactions with the wave-induced mean flow 
       are the dominant mechanism for wave evolution. This causes
       modulational stability for hydrostatic waves, resulting in
       propagation above the overturning level predicted by 
       linear theory for a non-Boussinesq liquid. Due to high-
       order dispersion terms in the Schrodinger equation for an 
       anelastic gas, hydrostatic waves become unstable and break
       at lower levels. Non-hydrostatic waves are modulationally 
       unstable, overturning at lower levels than predicted by 
       linear theory 
590    School code: 0351 
650  4 Geophysics 
650  4 Atmospheric Sciences 
650  4 Physics, Fluid and Plasma 
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710 2  University of Alberta (Canada) 
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