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100 1  Douglas, Joseph Anthony 
245 10 Competency for quality online teaching 
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500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 72-
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502    Thesis (Ed.D.)--University of Virginia, 2011 
520    Despite the exponential rise in online instruction, few 
       teachers are trained according to a set of quality 
       standards such as the  National Standards for Quality 
       Online Teaching, which were published in 2008. Instead of 
       providing teachers with training that is based on the 
       standards, most programs simply provide teachers with 
       training that they "think" teachers need. School leaders 
       who participate in supplemental online programs need to 
       provide their instructors with appropriate support that 
       fosters best practice online instruction 
520    The goal of this study was to create a valid source of 
       data from which school leaders can design staff 
       development for online teachers that is reflective of 
       standards for quality online teaching. For the purpose of 
       this study, the author culled 23 competencies unique to 
       online instruction from the  National Standards for 
       Quality Online Teaching. The competencies, which were 
       validated for content by leading researchers in the field,
       were used to create a survey that asked online teachers to
       rate their desirability to participate in training to 
       acquire skill specific to each 
520    One hundred teachers from one of the most developed and 
       established supplemental online program in the 
       Commonwealth of Virginia were asked to participate in the 
       study. Sixty eight (n=68) teachers participated in the 
       survey online. Respondents indicated their desire to 
       participate in training of each of the competencies on a 
       scale from 1 to 4 
520    Descriptive and correlation statistics were used to 
       determine teachers' levels of desirability to participate 
       in staff development specific to each competency. There 
       appears to be evidence that, regardless of subject taught 
       or experience instructing online, online teachers 
       recognize the importance of building healthy interactions 
       between teachers and among students in the virtual 
520    These are important findings at a time when the majority 
       of research on the topic points to the distinctively 
       unique skills that are associated with quality online 
       teaching. The one dimensional research focus has tended to
       overshadow the competencies quality online teaching has in
       commons with traditional classroom instruction. In both 
       the traditional and virtual classroom, good instruction is
       contingent upon the existence of healthy interpersonal 
       interactions between teachers and among students. This 
       research concludes that it is just as important for 
       teachers to be competent in building interactions with and
       among students in the virtual classroom as it is in the 
       traditional. The means online teachers use to establish 
       such interactions, however, are distinctively different 
       from those used in the traditional classroom 
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