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Author Douglass, Marvin Eugene
Title An investigation of selected psychological perspectives of conversion related to the resolution of selected developmental crises of middle adulthood
Descript 198 p
Note Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 53-05, Section: B, page: 2561
Chairman: Carroll B. Freeman
Thesis (Ph.D.)--New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 1992
The purpose of this dissertation was to investigate selected psychological perspectives of conversion to ascertain the relationship to the resolution of developmental crises of middle adulthood. This research was undertaken with the impression that a better understanding of interaction between conversion and human development would provide the opportunity to improve therapeutic measures which would assist in the evolvement of the maturation process in Christian converts
Chapter 1 was introductory, explaining the research topic and plan of the study. The related literature was reviewed in the second chapter. In Chapter 3 selected psychological perspectives of conversion were presented. This chapter was intended to establish the existence of the theoretical and empirical concepts of conversion in psychological literature and to provide an exemplary sample of definitions and consequences of the experience
An exploration of selected psychological developmental stage theories, specifically of middle adulthood entailed Chapter 4. The intention was to synthesize the theories to form a paradigm of the experience of the developmental stage of middle adulthood and the accompanying crises
Chapter 5 was an evaluation of the two experiences to determine similarities and commonalities of characteristics which indicated a relationship. Parallels were drawn of the normative sequences and schedules of occurrence in conversion and human developmental stages. Primary theories of stage crises were the generative man of Erik Erikson, and mortality and legacy aspects of Daniel J. Levinson et al. The research was summarized and concluded in Chapter 6
One conclusion of the research was that a need existed for further development of a definition of an evangelical Christian conversion experience. A second conclusion was that the conversion experience may assist in the attitude toward the resolution of normative developmental crises of middle adulthood
School code: 0144
Host Item Dissertation Abstracts International 53-05B
Subject Religion, General
Religion, Philosophy of
Psychology, Developmental
Alt Author New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
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