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245 04 The late Roman Army in the Near East from Diocletian to 
       the Arab Conquest :|bproceedings of a colloquium held at 
       Potenza, Acerenza and Matera, Italy (May 2005) /|cedited 
       by Ariel S. Lewin, Pietrina Pellegrini ; with the aid of 
       Zbigniew T. Fiema and Sylvain Janniard 
260    Oxford :|bArchaeopress,|c2007 
300    iv, 441 p. :|bill., maps ;|c30 cm 
440  0 BAR international series ;|v1717 
504    Includes bibliographical references 
505 0  Second to third century. Prolegomeni ad un congresso: 
       considerazioni sull'esercito romano dell'alto Impero / 
       Giovanni Brizzi -- L'armée romaine en mer Rouge et autour 
       de la mer Rouge aux IIème et IIIème siècles apr. J. C.: à 
       propos de deux inscriptions latines découvertes sur 
       l'archipel Farasan / Francois Villeneuve -- New Light on 
       the Roman military base at Dura-Europos: interim report on
       a pilot season of fieldwork in 2005 / Simon James -- From 
       Praepositus Pretenturae to Dux Ripae. The Roman 'grand 
       strategy' on the Middle Euphrates (2nd - 3rd cent. AD) / 
       Tommaso Gnoli -- The Roman legionary camp at Legio, Israel
       : results of an archaeological survey and observations on 
       the Roman military presence at the site / Yotam Tepper -- 
       The development of the Roman forces in northeastern 
       Anatolia. New evidence for the history of the exercitus 
       appadocicus / Michael A. Speidel -- Late third to seventh 
       century. The Nabataeaan - Roman Negev in the third century
       CE / Tali Erickson-Gini -- The Paved Road from Petra to 
       the ʻArabah - commercial Nabataean or military Roman? / 
       Chaim Ben-David -- Be'er Shema - Birsama of the Notitia 
       Dignitatum: a prolegomenon to the 2006 excavations / 
       Benjamin J. Dolinka -- Crossing the Negev in late Roman 
       times: the administrative development of Palaestina Tertia
       Salutaris and of its imperial road network / Israel Roll -
       - From the constructive technique used in the military 
       architecture of the Limes Arabicus to its conservation and
       valorisation / Giuseppe Claudio Infranca -- Military 
       architecture of the Limes Arabicus: strategy, commercial 
       routes, Quotidian life / Maysoun Al-Khouri -- Economic 
       conditions, security problems and the deployment of the 
       army in later Roman Palestine. Part I: Economy and 
       population / Israel Shatzman -- Fluctuating provincial 
       borders in mid-4th Century Arabia and Palestine / Joonas 
       Sipilä -- Zosimos II.34.1 and 'The Constantinian Reform': 
       using Johannes Lydos to expose an insidious fabrication / 
       Peter Brennan -- Two sieges of Amida (AD 359 and 502-503) 
       and the experience of combat in the late Roman Near East /
       Noel Lenski -- Naval operations during Persian expedition 
       of Emperor Julian (363 AD) / Edward Dabrowa -- ʻAmr Ibn 
       ʻAdī, Mavia, the Phylarchs and the late Roman Army: peace 
       and war in the Near East / Ariel S. Lewin -- L'armée 
       romaine et la défense de la Syrie du Sud. Questions de 
       méthode et nouveau document / Maurice Sartre -- Central 
       power, local administration, and nomadic environment / 
       Thomas Brüggemann -- Moines, militaires et défense de la 
       frontière orientale au VIe s / Geoffrey Greatrex -- 
       Archaeological and ancient literary evidence for a battle 
       near Dara Gap, Turkey, AD 530: topography, texts and 
       trenches / Christopher Lillington-Martin -- The Byzantine 
       military in the Petra papyri - a summary / Zbigniew T. 
       Fiema -- The operational methods of the late Roman army in
       the Persian War of 572-591 / Frank R. Trombley -- Una 
       guarnigione bizantina a Roma nell'età di Gregorio Magno: i
       Theodosiaci / Pietrina Pellegrini -- Jews, Rats, and the 
       Battle of Yarmūk / David Woods -- The organization of the 
       army. Cavalry in late Roman warfare / Hugh Elton -- 
       Centuriones ordinarii et ducenarii dans l'armée romaine 
       tardive (IIIe -VIe s. apr. J.-C.) / Sylvain Janniard -- 
       Campidoctores Vicarii vel Tribuni: the senior regimental 
       officers of the late Roman army and the rise of the 
       Campidoctor / P. Rance -- From the late Roman to the early
       Byzantine army. Two aspects of change / Oliver Schmitt -- 
       Egypt. L'occupation militaire tardive dans les oasis 
       d'Égypte. L'exemple de Douch / M. Reddé -- Africa. L'armée
       romaine d'Afrique de 375 à 439: Mythes et réalités / Yann 
       Le Bohec 
651  0 Rome|xHistory, Military 
651  0 Rome|xArmy 
700 1  Lewin, Ariel 
700 1  Pellegrini, Pietrina 
700 1  Fiema, Zbigniew T 
700 1  Janniard, Sylvain 
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