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100 1  Gerwin, James 
245 10 Architecture and philosophical ideation:  An analysis of 
       the role of theoretical ideas in architectural creation 
300    201 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 42-06, 
       page: 1898 
500    Adviser:  Yvon Cazabon 
502    Thesis (M.Arch.)--Carleton University (Canada), 2004 
520    This thesis will discuss the relationship between 
       architecture and philosophy, and reflect on what role 
       theoretical ideas on aesthetics have played within the 
       built environment. The primary body of the text will 
       discuss the aesthetic theories of Marx and Engel and how 
       their ideas of the role of the artist influenced 
       architects following the Russian Revolution, focusing on 
       the Narkomfin House, designed by Ginzburg and Milutin in 
       1928. The second portion of this thesis is a speculation 
       on what contemporary architecture can glean from modern 
       philosophical theories, specifically those of Gilles 
       Deleuze. A brief essay will serve as the bridge between 
       the first section of the thesis and the design component, 
       a proposed expansion to the University Centre at the 
       University of Ottawa 
590    School code: 0040 
590    DDC 
650  4 Architecture 
650  4 Philosophy 
690    0729 
690    0422 
710 20 Carleton University (Canada) 
773 0  |tMasters Abstracts International|g42-06 
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