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100 1  Goodfield, Eric 
245 10 Between politics and philosophy:  The contest of the one 
       and the many in the thought of Plato and Hegel 
300    328 p 
500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 68-
       05, Section: A, page: 2149 
500    Adviser:  Agnes Heller 
502    Thesis (Ph.D.)--New School University, 2007 
520    This dissertation explores the relationship between 
       philosophical problems and political theorizing through a 
       comparative consideration of the writings of Plato and 
       G.W.F. Hegel. I argue that these authors responded to the 
       philosophical problem of the universal in ways which came 
       to deeply influence their thinking about political life 
       and an ideal equilibrium between state and citizen. I do 
       not assume equivalence between Plato's and Hegel's notions
       of universality, ideas or the state. Rather, I elaborate 
       how the dilemma of the universal logically understood acts
       as a conceptual touchstone for the legitimacy of rule in 
       their independent visions of political life. This 
       legitimacy is understood as justice in Plato's thought, 
       and as freedom in Hegel's. This approach seeks to overcome
       a trend in the study of these two authors which has often 
       denied or neglected the deep interdependence between their
       respective political and philosophical contributions. This
       individual study is elevated to a comparative examination 
       which takes into account Hegel's own self-declared dialog 
       with Plato on ideas and the state. I argue for a 
       conception of politics which accommodates thought as well 
       as action and is irreducible to a calculus of interest 
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650  4 Philosophy 
650  4 Political Science, General 
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710 2  New School University 
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