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008    880921s1727    xx      s    f000 0 eng d 
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110 1  Great Britain.|bCourt of Quarter Sessions of the Peace 
       (Middlesex, England) 
245 10 Middx. ss. Ad General' Session' Pacis Dom' Regis tent' pro
       com' Middx' apud Hicks-Hall in St. John Street, in com' 
       præd' per adjor' die Jovis scilicet vecisimo tertio de 
       Februar' anno regni Dom' Georgij nunc Regis Magne Britanie,
       &c. decimo tertio ....|h[electronic resource] 
260    [S.l. :|bs.n.,|c1727] 
300    1 broadside ;|c36 cm 
500    Text begins: Whereas upon information given unto the Court
       of the last General Quarter Sessions of the Peace ... that
       the deputies of and agents of Thomas Robe and John 
       Matthews, Esqrs., clerk of the market of His Majesty's 
       household ... did exact and receive great sums of money ..
500    Date of publication from Kress Lib 
500    Reproduction of original from Kress Library of Business 
       and Economics, Harvard University 
500    Goldsmiths'-Kress no. 06531.4 
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       Hills, Mich. :|cThomson Gale,|d2005.|nAvailable via the 
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590    MOMW 
600 10 Robe, Thomas,|dd. 1746 
600 10 Matthews, John,|cclerk of the market of His Majesty's 
650  0 Weights and measures|vEarly works to 1800.|xLaw and 
       legislation|zGreat Britain 
856 40 |uhttp://galenet.galegroup.com/servlet/MOME?af=RN&