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100 1  Grobe, Allison H 
245 14 The Smithsonian Artist-in-Residence and Education Center 
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500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 48-05, 
500    Advisers: Carissa Gavin; Catherine Armour 
502    Thesis (M.A.)--Corcoran College of Art + Design, 2010 
520    Art education in the American public school system has 
       been declining for many years due to budget cuts and 
       legislation changes, leaving students with little exposure
       to art and the creative process. In addition to this 
       educational decline, Washington, D.C. has little outreach 
       to citizens in terms of contemporary art; D.C. is known as
       a place to experience history, but not as a place to 
       experience contemporary creativity. The Smithsonian Arts 
       and Industries building on the National Mall in Washington,
       D.C. is an ideal location for an Artist-in-Residence and 
       Education Center to create a unified solution to these two
       major issues. The proposed complex houses artist 
       workspaces, creating a community of contemporary artists 
       that interact with the public as well as each other , 
       student studios to foster interaction with artists and 
       other students, art education spaces for public classes 
       and lectures, an art library, museum shop which features 
       original work by the resident artists, cafe, and 
       exhibition space to feature the work of current and past 
       participants in the residency program. By bringing 
       contemporary art and the creative process to the masses, 
       this program will engage the public in the arts and 
       inspire a new generation of artists and art lovers 
520    Through researching articles and books that focus on 
       community outreach in museums, Artist Communities and 
       Residence Programs, and the decline of arts education in 
       America, the importance, both symbolically and practically,
       of a compound such as this will be examined. Published and
       adopted Art Standards for American Public Schools will 
       guide the importance of interaction and understanding 
       through art and creativity. Case studies of existing 
       successful artist-in-residence and community outreach 
       programs will form a framework from which to develop this 
       unique program. An analysis of the background of the 
       building will explain the incorporation of new ideas with 
       the historical structure. A proposal for the redevelopment
       of this pace into the Smithsonian Artist-in-Residence and 
       Education Center will complete the analysis and discovery 
       of the feasibility of this multi-faceted project 
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