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245 04 The European Central Bank as a sustainability role model :
       |bphilosophical, ethical and economic perspectives /
       |cedited by Harald Bolsinger, Johannes Hoffmann, Bernd 
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490 1  Sustainable finance,|x2522-8285 
505 0  Where do we stand when it comes to Sustainable Financial 
       Markets? -- Ethical Standards beyond Monetary Policy: 
       Approaches to a Philosophical Foundation -- Fundamental 
       rights in the core business of the ECB: No issue?! 
       Experience with the EU petition 429/2017 -- On the role of
       the ECB in sustainable finance -- Legal approaches to 
       encouraging the ECB to comply with human rights aspects 
       when establishing the list of marketable assets -- Central
       Banks in Europe: On the Road to more Sustainability 
520    This book examines selected actions and investments of the
       European Central Bank (ECB) from a climate and 
       sustainability standpoint. Shedding new light on the topic
       from various angles - ethical, philosophical, political, 
       economical and legal - it situates sustainability 
       mainstreaming in the finance and investment field at all 
       levels. The former ECB President Mario Draghi once said 
       that he considered sustainable development and an intact 
       environment to be human rights, and therefore enshrined in
       the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. The acting ECB 
       President Christine Lagarde added that the future path for
       the climate is uncertain, but it would remain within our 
       power to influence it. However, with all that in mind the 
       ECB's policy of buying assets as securities is often 
       questionable. This volume analyzes these actions in 
       connection with sustainability, and puts forward practical
       recommendations for improving the ECB's investment 
       strategy on its way creating a sustainable financial 
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650  0 Finance|zEurope 
650  0 Sustainable development 
650  0 Sustainable development|zEuropean Union countries 
650 14 Macroeconomics/Monetary Economics/Financial Economics 
650 24 Business Ethics 
650 24 Sustainability Management 
650 24 Investments and Securities 
650 24 European Integration 
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830  0 Sustainable finance 
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