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245 00 Observations and prognostications on the urine of human 
       bodies.|h[electronic resource] :|bCollected partly from 
       writeings [sic] of the most celebrated of antient and 
       modern practitioners in physick: and partly from dayly 
       experience. The whole done with a design; not only to add 
       to the physician's reputation and profit, but also to 
       render his services successfull to the patient. 
       Notwithstanding the old and true proverb: Mundus vult 
       decipi. The publisher is determined, not to encumber 
       himself, in convincing those, who inoffensively believe, 
       that black is white provided: that upon this their own 
       policy and sincere faith depends their health and 
260    [Philadelphia? :|bs.n.],|cPrinted in the year MDCCLXXXII. 
300    [4],33,[4]p. ;|c?⁰ 
500    The Library of Congress copy has a label mounted on fly 
       leaf: "Observations on the urine of human bodies. To be 
       had at Philadelphia with Mr. [George Christopher?] 
       Reinholt bookseller, with Mr. John Morris & Mr. Andrew 
       Billmyer at Yorktown [i.e., York, Pa.], & Mr. Nicolas Howe
       at Frederick-Town in Maryland. Price one Spanish dollar." 
       - Pages 1-33 printed in three columns, the index ([4] p. 
       at end) in two 
500    Reproduction of original from Library of Congress 
510 4  Bristol,|cB5566 
510 4  Shipton & Mooney,|c44242 
510    English Short Title Catalog,|cW23980 
533    Electronic reproduction.|bFarmington Hills, Mich. :
       |cCengage Gale,|d2009.|nAvailable via the World Wide Web.
       |nAccess limited by licensing agreements.|7s2009    miunns
650  0 Urine 
700 1  Reinhold, George Christopher,|ebookseller 
700 1  Morris, John,|ebookseller 
700 1  Billmeyer, Andrew,|dd. 1835,|ebookseller 
700 1  Hower, Nicolas,|ebookseller 
752    United States|bPennsylvania|dPhiladelphia 
752    United States|bPennsylvania|dYork 
752    United States|bMaryland|dFrederick 
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